Private school lobby whingeing again.

So the private school lobby immediately kicks off as dear old Labour propose charging VAT on school fees. A whole load of parents who are at the lower end of the pay scale of those who send their sprogs to private schools were wheeled out to whinge that they are already making extreme sacrifices so that they can give their sprogs an unequal start in life. As with all the deeply entrenched privileged classes in our benighted land they have very effective PR and lobby groups. We don’t hear from the richer more privileged parents who would never dream of getting personally involved in protecting their privileges, that’s the job of the PR companies to present the poorest relations of their class to make sure they don’t have to pay VAT. In our world there is no VAT on class privilege but there is on female sanitary products which contributes to poorer state school girls not going to school during their bloody periods because their parents can’t afford tampons.

And another thing surely private schools should be charged for the training of teachers, in any just world such private exploitation must be accountable? Same with private health care. Funny how the kleptos concept of accountability is always skewed in their favour.

So I’m watching Question Time and it’s a new format with more panellists and so they are allowed less time to propagandise because in our digital age the average attention span is now a millisecond or two. Anyways I was impressed by the Green fellow Jonathan Bartley, who added that private schools be charged a levy for their trained workforce and also corporation tax as they are corporate businesses, only fair eh?

But then again in a truly civilised world children should not be punished for being born to certain parents, they can’t help it if they’re born to ‘upper’ class kleptonic twats.

And driving back from my day volunteering as a marine warden I heard may on the radio (theresa not Brian) say that the tts are for hard working people getting properly rewarded. I laughed, when have the tories ever been on the side of the working man or woman and them getting fair pay? Answers on a very small postcard. Do people send postcards any more?

And reading a magazine at the marine centre yesterday an article bemoaning the loss of so many words from our natural world in the Oxford Junior Dictionary, words such as bluebell, adder, conker, ivy and buttercup made me sad. These things are a major part of our natural world, why how are we going to get kids to see if they like butter or not? Did others as children have a friend hold a buttercup up to our chins on a sunny day and if there was a yellow patch reflected onto our skin then we liked butter? Especially nowadays as we hear of the glad tidings that the abomination to taste that is flora and the unbelievably fraudulent ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter bollocks’ will be no longer. Butter sales are rising, this is good, butter is good; as Gerard Depardieu said in a sweet film when asking “what is the secret of life”? replied “butter” (in a French accent).

Off to Dedham to celebrate the now venerable Martin’s birthday this weekend.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Private school lobby whingeing again.

  1. Duncan, excellent stuff as always. I don’t claim to understand it all. I do remember being impressed by the way Eddie Mair tore Bojo apart limb from limp when he replaced Paxo once on Newslight. Returning to one of your major themes, can I ask why don’t all the left wing cunts remember (or choose to forget) that it was the right wing cunt Edward Heath who got us into the EU all those years ago – the shitty premise being cheap labour for UK (big corporate) business. I worry that the Brexit cunts have stolen the agenda of hate from the capitalist cunts. What do you think?


    1. None of us understand it all, and anyone who claims such is as much a bullshitter as the the bullshitter in chief the current potus. Eddie Mair was brilliant with de pfeffel twatface and should be enforced viewing for any simpleton who thinks the twat has any credibility. But sadly credibility left the stage a while ago. And yes the dodgy sailor did take us into the eec and I voted against it then but now quite like being in an enlarging European gang and enjoying an expresso and Armagnac on the banks of the Rhine while eating meze and tapas and listening to fado. I don’t know that they’ve quite stolen it yet but they are dominating things a little too much and are maybe laying the groundwork for a fascist coup which of course will suit the capitalist cunts quite happily. I did enjoy Decca Aitkenhead’s interview in Saturday’s Grauniad with no socks shit for brains Hilton who was airily dazzling until she asked him whether he deserved his wealth.


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