The real societal saboteurs.

So the absolutely appalling mail comes out with the absolutely appalling headline ‘crush the saboteurs’, it actually sums up the state we are in. Use of the term ‘crush’ immediately brings up visions such as a jackboot crushing the head of anyone who dares question the ‘right’ of the already powerful to exert their power on others. It is a disturbing term worthy of our modern dystopia.

And then to call all those who might oppose as ‘saboteurs’ invokes other images. These are folk who commit ‘sabotage’:

1. The deliberate destruction of property or obstruction of normal operations, as by civilians or enemy agents in a time of war.
2. The deliberate attempt to damage, destroy, or hinder a cause or activity.
On the surface it is sabotage of the now inalienable right of the hard line brexiters to impose their hard line brexit bollocks. It is the continuing invocation of the alienated, the nationalists, the angry masses to rise up against the supposed class that is the cause of their predicament. To get the saboteurs who are attempting to ‘damage, destroy, or hinder’ the brexit cause. Any who are against their hard line brexit bollocks are enemies, and after might’s crushing election victory any resistance will be met with increasingly authoritarian force.
And so we gently segue into the first definition of sabotage; already we’ve had ‘something of the night howard’ making threats towards Spain over Gibralter as well as all the wartime allusions of boris bunter and the grinning gargoyle.
This is part of the endgame of neoliberal capitalism, unless we do actually fight by thinking, talking, agitating, voting for proper progress and not give the tts and their shadowy klepto masters a supposed mandate.
End may in June.
Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

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