Are the tories frauds?

Just read something that brought a smile to my almost 60 year old face. The Labour party in the Surrey West constituency are to vote on whether to not put forward a candidate against jeremy  *unt and support the liberal, the tories closest challengers. So, if this happens and is repeated across the country then frit may could yet have a squeaky bum beneath her weird clothes.

And a story that will hopefully gain traction is that she called the election to distract from the impending prosecution of a number of tory mps for electoral fraud at the last election. Dear old Dennis Skinner brought this up during the debate about fritmay’s snap election. Channel 4 and Michael Crick have doggedly been reporting on this for a while and the time statute on prosecution runs out next month:

So after the June election we may have another soon after as those tory mps under investigation who are re-elected will have to stand down if found guilty.

Dumfries is an example of the tory’s fraudulence:

As is the case in many other constituencies which you can peruse at your leisure through this wonderful resource:

Now what if LOCAL campaigners for other parties keep a watch out for the forthcoming bussed in tts in marginal constituencies like Dumfries and have rapid response teams to go and politely question these fraudulent interlopers about their visit, their costs and at the same time inform others in the locales about the ongoing criminal investigations. Shame can work.

I don’t believe it, the tts possible using fraudulent methods to gain/hold on to power. As Mr Jeremy stated it is the kleptos and other hangers on who most don’t want him elected. And look how these richer folk are already squealing, the apology for a debate over who is wealthy and the figure of £70.000 being bandied. Only 5% earn more than this so, as with the recent squealing when Labour proposed VAT on private school fees, be prepared to hear about the only just managing on £75K. Of course they only just manage because they have to pay private school fees, exorbitant housing costs because of our rentier society and disgusting housing system and they have to keep up with their neighbours because this is one of the central values of the English, keeping up with the Smiths.

And that venerable institution the BBC keeping it’s balanced approach; I know I’m a tad biased but watching emily maitlis on newsnight stick her tongue up the tory arses on Tuesday night compared with how she interviewed a Labour chap last night made this viewer throw up his caviar and champers.

And I think I’ll donate some of my meagre monies to Compass in their campaign to create a Progressive Alliance and create an anti-tory shitstorm and wipe the weird smirk off fritmay’s face.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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