Waiting on a punny day.

And so the distraction of the impending election will soon be superseded by my Tuesday check-up, or maybe not, because I have been having acupuncture of late and one of the aims was to reduce my pre-check-up anxiety (along with general crabby anxiety). So I’ll see, or otherwise sense, over the next couple of days any acupunctural success. I have thus far been impressed with the acupunctural effects, especially the one when Alan said I’d be mellow, and I was and still generally am (unless, of course, he’s been hypnotising me in some way and I’ve been auto-suggested).

My apparent anxietal reduction has coincided  with a reduction in my previous daily checking of the cambian share price. So I just check it for the first time in a while and it is still pretty moribund but there is some chatter on the forums and seems a sell off might be in the offing. Kleptosaria’s long term plan with cambian might seem to be to create a big enough company that it becomes attractive to some other kleptonic company, group or whatever they call themselves and they are taken over. And kleptosaria gets another big fat pay-off. Anyone out there care to confirm or contradict?

Either way kleptosaria has extracted much monies from what are essentially public monies. So when Mr Jeremy is elected ones hopes such individual wealth extraction is superseded by greater distribution, I’m sure we could come to some deal so that Mr Asaria is adequately compensated and the staff and students of Cambian establishments can have a better deal and service.

In other areas of wealth extraction the unctuous selling season is back upon me with mixed results so far. So far sales have been sluggish but I’m ever optimistic. and a new avenue has just opened up courtesy of my daughter Grace. She had her first tattoo last week and was given some cream to keep the skin moist and prevent infection. Instead she has been using Duncan’s Unction TM and it’s worked a treat. So the sales team are off next week to visit tattoo parlours to drum up business (geddit). AAARRRRGGGHHHH I’ve been bitten by the pun-wolf and people are not lycan what I’m saying (nicked from this week’s New Statesman).

pun1Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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