Well, that was my quickest check up yet and the quickest still all clear. I saw the doctor who last year had me in for a biopsy after a check up, so briefly anxious but this time was easily the least unpleasant sticking the camera down my nose to have a look at my throat procedure. I mentioned my acupuncture to try and allay my pre-check up anxiety and it seems to have really helped this time with no sleepless nights and a general feeling of mellow equanimity. I told the doctor we have one of the country’s top acupuncturists in Swanage and Poole and she took Alan’s name.

I asked how long I’d be on 3 monthly check ups, she said until the end of the year and if still OK then up to 4 months. This is more frequent than for many other cancers, suppose because I’m ‘higher risk’ and as Kate said if there is any recurrence can be picked up quickly and whipped out surgically as I’ve maxed out on the radiotherapy.

Enough, all this crabby writing is raising my anxiety.

On the journey home I heard this scientist talking about bioaccumulation, how toxins, mainly human produced, are taken up through the food chain and as they aren’t excreted stay in the various plant and animal tissue eventually accumulating in those animals at the top of the food chains (spiders, by the way, are top of the little critters league).

Made me think that we’ve had a similar political process exhibiting itself recently as evidenced by the likes of drumf, the grinning gargoyle, wilders and irretrievably dense smith. The toxic political memes are passed through the generations accumulating in certain powerful people and producing deeply toxic politicians.

And the toxic political opportunism of may has, through the toxic viral penetration of a worryingly large number of host organisms, caused a number of these organisms to believe the bollocks being spread about her. These toxic viruses have been spread by those who’ve been similarly affected by the political bioaccumulation and own various media empires such as murdoch, rothermere and the barclay brothers. All these extremely wealthy folk have used their wealth and media power to spread their toxins for many years and we now have an increasingly ugly and divided society.

Have to give Jeremy Vine some credit as when he asked one of the chief brexiters, david davies, about Labour’s latest brexit proposals he immediately attacked Mr Jeremy saying how changeable he had been about brexit and Mr Vine retorted that may has already shown changeability in calling the election. Good tactic to respond in this way to the tts every time they play the person and not the ball.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan




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