The one party state of Englandshire.

They ‘play the person and not the ball’ do the tories. They are making Mr Jeremy, or trying to make Mr Jeremy, the focus of this election because he is ‘unelectable’. They feed us the already boring and repetitive mantra about may being ‘strong and stable’ (ripe for later deconstruction) and leave it at that so attempting to get the electorate to not look too closely at the weird one. She is ‘strong and stable’, strong’nstable constable, how could one even consider voting for anyone else?

Except she may not be that ‘strong’, certainly apparently not strong enough to withstand the rigours of televised debate.

And, for a pleasant change, I enjoyed watching Question Time last night. Don’t know if it’s just little old hopeful me but there seems to be a mood developing that maybe the tts won’t get it all their own way. Damien Green, one of the more amiable tories, used the phrase ‘strong’nstable’ a few times in his very first address, along with the ‘chaos of the opposition’. A member of the audience gleefully waved his arms, got Dimblebore’s attention and said how he’s already won his bet with his wife that the tory would use the phrases. And went on to ask whether the politicos could show the electorate a little more respect.

And visits to my blog spiked again yesterday with people reading the ‘One party state of Swanage’ piece. Well we have an opportunity to change that a little with upcoming council and then general election. Slaver drax the tory incumbent for South Dorset had a pretty big majority here in 2015 after retaking the seat for the tts in 2010. Maybe if all the ‘progressive’ parties got together then we could give slaver drax a fright. He is the current ‘owner’ of Charlborough Park

a 7000 acre fiefdom he has inherited as the latest in a long line of local gentry. I wonder what his opinion might be on the much fairer system of taxing land and wealth rather than income? He kindly opens the grounds once, maybe even twice, a year to the plebs. Maybe, in a fairer and more just world such spoils would be shared out more equitably.

The coming election is fraught with the possibility of dear old Englandshire becoming a one-party state, much like Swanage. I’m going to be doing my bit on the stump to try and stop the entitled and other tts from continuing their class war and the exploitation of our land and people.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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