Who do you feel more comfortable voting for; Drax or Warr?

Now having a go at someone for the behaviour of their ancestors may well be considered a tad unfair and easily rebuffed in these terms by the current generation. And yet my argument would be that the current generation have greatly benefited from the behaviour of previous generations allowing them a very privileged upbringing, very comfortable and rewarding life and a continuation of this process for their progeny.

Richard Drax went to school at harrow, not Harrow High School of the same borough  (currently ranked 2391st nationally) but the private school that costs £37K/year, a tad more than the average UK wage of £26K. What are the odds of an average UK wage earner sending their progeny to harrow? What are the odds of the Drax family through the ages being able to send their sprogs to harrow?

Now I could send up the many peculiar terms harrovians use at their distinctive institution such as calling teachers ‘beaks’ or the hilarious ‘ducker’ for swimming pool, but this would be a cheap shot at an expensive institution. But what this peculiar language does do is that it reinforces for the very privileged few who go there that they are part of a very privileged class. Now they will claim that they also instill a sense of duty and similar bollocks to try and offset their extreme privilege, but this should be treated with the disdain it deserves because it insults our intelligence and simply reinforces the class divide and inherent unfairness.

Ooh chippy duncan and his enviable politics.

No, the inherent unfairness of our current belief system that is the british class system.

In Swanage and South Dorset we have a choice between Richard Drax and Tashi Warr next week. She comes from Weymouth and went to Budmouth Technology College. This school, like many throughout the country are facing cuts with the governments new funding formula so they will be sacking a few teachers. Dorset has one of the poorest funding levels for education in the country, £4240/pupil a year, rather less than the harrovian fees. So what has Mr Drax done to improve state education in Dorset, oh he voted for this: ‘Richard Drax voted against requiring state school teachers to have, or be working towards, qualified teacher status.’ and other votes undermining state education and maintaining the class divide in education.

Who do you feel more comfortable voting for?

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Your choice, keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Drax countdown #3

Of course we are not responsible for our ancestry, can’t help who we are born to, have some pity for Ivanka for example. But in a class ridden country such as ours our ancestry is used to reinforce the class system. One of the most egregious features of a class system has been slavery. Slavery was also one of the main drivers of the expansion of the British Empire.

A pioneer of the exploitation of the West Indies and the slave trade was one James Drax:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Drax

There is a powerful argument that colonial slavery shaped modern Britain and we are still living with it’s legacies.

One of the agreements needed to facilitate the abolition of slavery in the 19th century was compensation for the slave owners and the Drax family were handsomely compensated:               http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-21591814

The primary reason for the Drax family wealth is slavery and whenever he is asked about his family’s history he is very defensive such as the following example: “I can’t answer for something that happened so long ago. It was embedded in our culture and thank heavens, this atrocious trade was ended.” Bit of truth and reconciliation needed maybe?

Black Cruises to America

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Drax countdown #2.

Richard Drax’s 7,000-acre Morden Estate got £13,830 from Purbeck council, South Dorset, last year. A Morden spokesman said: “We don’t comment on these things.”

So I will make a comment; one of the many ‘austerity’ measures Mr Drax voted on was: on 12 Nov 2013: Richard Drax voted in favour of reducing housing benefit for those deemed to have excess bedrooms.

So if Mr Drax received those monies, which of course is taxpayer’s money, and I suspect he may have a few ‘excess bedrooms’ in his Charborough pile, is there not a case for reducing his benefits?

Steve Bell 7.2.2013

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Drax countdown #1

Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax has been the tory m.p. for South Dorset since 2010.

“It is believed even Prime Minister David Cameron advised him to “detoff” himself and ditch the multifarious surnames before the last election.” from the sunday express (a well known Marxist rag).

He resides at Charlborough House: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charborough_House  a 7000 acre estate. So think on residents of the parish of Swanage as to whether you feel comfortable voting for someone who has a garden pretty much the same size as the whole parish of Swanage housing about 10,000 folk.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Us homo sapiens are so misnamed.

“One might also ask how long it takes for immigrant communities to adopt liberal western values or forsake their cultural practices which have developed over millennia in their countries of origin.”

The above is a comment attached to a piece in the Grauniad about our ‘current’ cultural confusion: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/may/25/brexit-myths-british-culture-history-ethnic-minorities

Now I feel some sympathy with Afua Hirsch who wrote the article and have written before about our cognitive dissonance with regard to our so called ‘British Values’ which have become part of our national mythology. And in this week of the atrocity in Manchester we witness our cultural cleft. There is an outpouring of communal grief and support and this is good but thereafter the split appears. Some reach out to try and gain common ground and understanding allied with comments such as “don’t play the terrorist’s game and start blaming others in our communities”. And others want instant deportation of all Muslims or even, as the odious katie hopkins instantly suggests, a ‘final solution’.

Brexit has been a driver of this ever widening split and an ugliness stalks the land.

And I chose the comment I put at the beginning because I think this represents our unthinking ignorance. The writer asks “how long it takes for immigrants to adopt liberal western values”. I ask how long does it take supposedly indigenous Brits to adopt liberal western values? How often have we adopted local cultural values when we Brits are immigrants elsewhere? How far did we forsake our cultural practices when abroad? What have been the cultural practices that have come to define our ‘Britishness’ (Portuguese Jewish immigrants introduced us Brits to fish and chips and the French played cricket before us)?

Sapiens means wise, time we had more apposite branding; ‘homo fuckingstupidus’?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Rentiers with their snouts in the trough.

One of my designated tasks as a member of the new ‘superhuman’ class is to sort out housing in this benighted shire. I continued my fact gathering yesterday by speaking to people in a letting agency in Bath about my daughter renting a room in a house for the coming academic year. Apart from their ineptness, so typical of the normal behaviour of the current crop of human managers, in getting me as a guarantor to have a form signed and witnessed by none other than Old Hector and sent off on Monday to then receive yesterday 2 more guarantor forms with no explanatory covering letter. I telephone them, obviously they are not able to use the hypersensory communication ability we superhumans now have, to be told the landperson who owns the property has wanted to change something so I have to sign and have witnessed 2 forms that are exactly the same as the one I’ve already sent.

Whilst on the old blower I ask about the financial arrangements, in particular that they are wanting my daughter to pay a month and a half’s rent as deposit and a month’s rent up front now, a full 3 months before she actually moves in. I query this on a few fronts and of course get the usual bureaucratic bollocks that it’s policy and everyone does it. What? Everyone acts as shysters? Oh but it’s the landthief’s request and we are representing their greed. Where in this do you represent the tenant’s need? Oh we wait until after they’ve received their summer monies is the reply. But that’s all gone to the current rip off merchants who run the halls of residence to pay for this term’s rent.

Surely, I ask, the inflated deposit acts as surety against the nefarious students acting irresponsibly and pulling out of any contract and they can pay the first month’s rent when they get their loan next term? It’s policy, we all do it is the reply. And where does all this money go I ask? It’s held safely by some company is the reply. And it’s not used to make more money or held in some interest bearing account? No is the reply. How do you know I ask, perhaps it’s held in a fairly secure money warehouse just piled up in a mini money mountain on the warehouse floor? No reply.

And so the ‘discussion’ continues in it’s predictable circularity and despite my superhuman intellect there is no development. So, close to exasperation which is where some Qi Gong breathing helps, I appeal to common humanity and ask whether they think that as intermediaries they are acting in a fair manner for both rip off rentiers and the young, naive students just heading off into the adult world? No reply.

So, you’re just doing the bidding of the rich and powerful, maintaining their grip on hoovering up all the wealth they can, although this of course is at a pretty low level, sort of bottom feeders living like the kleptos at the top of the food chain. Are you happy, I ask, knowing that you are doing the dirty work for those more powerful and certainly very much richer than you? No reply.

Well there is a way of at least trying to change things for the better for homo saps and vote Mr Jeremy next month I say. No reply.

And who represents the top of this rentier food chain:


and his stepson kushner (have you read or heard about his company’s behaviour with rent extraction?)

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



A Confession.

A confession. A little while ago I began this blog as I was diagnosed with cancer, this much was true but what I failed to disclose was that soon after diagnosis and before treatment started I was approached by a very rich woman (a rarity in the higher echelons of richness have you noticed?) who made a very interesting proposal.

This woman, who’s identity I obviously cannot reveal, had become rich through the brief window of opportunity afforded by the information technology revolution but was soon alarmed by the rapid ossification of this revolution into what she saw as an even more dangerous capitalistic hybrid. Being of a socialist disposition she was even more frightened by the extremely rapid evolution of a very small cabal of very rich men (both ‘new’ and ‘old’ money) who quickly grasped the prospect that the new technology, in particular biotechnology and bioengineering, could really make them ‘masters of the universe’ (why do you think so many of our current crop of blockbuster films are about comic strip superheroes?).

Anyway, at a very secret meeting with her she asked whether I would be interested in having a bit of bioengineering done to me. Apparently I matched a number of criteria: the treatment I was going to have, my political persuasion, the then current state of my brain, my almost complete lack of connection with modern technology and my voracious reading habit. The cancer treatments would provide perfect cover for the little bioengineering tweaks she and her group wanted tested without arousing any interest from the ever increasing surveillance by the malevolent ones.

I wasn’t even allowed to discuss this with Kate so it was, to say the least, very hard to think about on top of trying to process the crabby shit, but being the person that I was of course I agreed.

So now I have been bioengineered and am in the process of having a physical and cognitive upgrade, or rather still undergoing tests to see how effective or otherwise the upgrades have been.

My cancer treatment provided brilliant cover, especially the chemo as it so debilitates the body that any subsequent recovery is seen as normal, what has not been normal is the rate and extent of my physical recovery. Being the annoying, loud-mouthed twat that I am I couldn’t help letting some stuff out here and there but with a few judicious wrist slaps my cover hasn’t been blown. For example whilst some contemporaries I got to know during and after cancer treatment have had continuing problems with taste (the tongue related stuff not the sartorial kind, although that has improved as well) I soon blurted about not only my taste returning rapidly but that it was improved and I couldn’t help but express my deep pleasure at real ale tasting even better.

For the more perceptive amongst you lovely small band of blog readers will also have noticed the cognitive developments evidenced in this blog, but I’ve managed to mask the true improvements pretty well.

To cover my physical improvements we came up with the brilliant idea of me studying and practicing T’ai Chi, in particular Qi Gong, and very fortuitously we have in little old Swanage one of the best practitioners and teachers who has been guiding me for the past year or so.

This also led to me having acupuncture, and again we have one of the best practitioners in little old Swanage, to provide even more cover for both my physical and cognitive development.

Not wanting to attract too much attention also led us to making the very conscious decision to keep this blog very simple with no fancy graphics and the like, but I was allowed to add a few pictures so here’s another Kliban whom we haven’t had for a while:


He also provides brilliant cover.

Enough for now, I’ve an election to oversee.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.