As we enter the week in which we will have a bunch of local elections, here in one-party Swanage we have one Bill Trite as the tory candidate. He offers in his introduction on his election leaflet the following: ‘the extent to which central government does or does not fund local government, but I don’t think it’s good enough merely to attribute all the blame to central government for the shortage of cash to meet ever-growing demands’. So the tory central government did not reduce grants? It actually has definitely been the case that the tory government has made these cuts.

He goes on to explain his remembrance of ‘independent financial commentators and economists in 2008 that the effects of the financial crash would be with us for at least 20 years’. These would be the same people who didn’t see the crash coming? And these are the same people who are the praetorian guard for the kleptomaniacs who are hoovering up as much wealth as they can with their extreme form of capitalism that is the actual underlying reason for the crash although, of course, the tories effectively pinned the blame on Labour. And this extreme capitalism is continuing; according to my good friend Mike the next financial crash, and it is in the very nature of capitalism to have these periodic crashes, won’t be subprime mortgages but the very dodgy car financing deals. The financial chancers have moved on from housing to cars to fuel (geddit?) a massive car buying boom, we borrowed a massive £31.6 billion last year and there are signs already, much as with the sub-prime crash, that people are unable to pay back the money on their deals. And so it goes on. And who will suffer?

And so the con continues as Mr Trite states ‘alleging blame doesn’t help’. I’m sure here there’s a little subtlety on his part in not pinning the blame on Labour, emphasis on the little. Except, as the old historical maxim goes ‘those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are condemned to repeat the mistakes’, so failing to blame, or attribute cause to things such as the 2008 crash, is a gross dereliction of economic and political duty.

But this is the con of the conservatives and like trump will never admit to any responsibility, instead continue to con.

Services have and will continue to worsen in Swanage with the cons.

Isn’t it time we had local representatives who really represented all of the residents of Swanage?

Isn’t it time we had representatives who had some vision, some hope, some oomph, some pizazz.

Isn’t it time we moved away from a one party state, took the party political out of local politics?

Could we ever have a contrite Mr Trite?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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