The con party state of Swanage

Well, Swanage goes to the polls tomorrow and I suppose we’ll continue with our one party state and local politics in Swanage will continue in it’s boring and moribund state. The conniving con artists will continue with their condescension of others and not even be conservative.

Yesterday whilst Hector and I were sat in the sunshine enjoying the ever excellent coffee at the Java Coffee House a man came round wearing a sandwich board campaigning to save and rebuild the Swanage bandstand. A discussion with the man and Javan customers ensued. The bandstand lost it’s roof a while ago and now looks like this:

The council, who are essentially so called conservatives don’t feel the need to conserve in this case and under the guise of it being little used and costly to restore are proposing to fill it in with concrete at quite considerable expense. Now I take some interest in local affairs and don’t remember any campaign or otherwise by the council to counsel local opinion, thoughts, ideas or otherwise.

Now with regard to the bandstand’s poor usage I don’t suppose it has anything to do with it not being promoted, not least by the unconservatives, that it has no roof and is in a state of some dishevelment. It was suggested at the Javan convention that some local residents living in nearby condominiums to the bandstand have objected to the noise from events at the bandstand, which has hardly been the case of late.

There is a facebook campaign:

There is also a meeting to discuss the bandstand at Emmanuel Church on 16th May at 7pm.

The bandstand is a local amenity and is under the management of Swanage Town Council, the bandstand has been left in an increasingly derelict state for many years now so it could be argued that this is an example of the tory town council’s dereliction of duty. They recently became proactive in proposing that it would cost £80,000 to restore, a figure of questionable origin.

And then I come across on the facebook timeline an architect’s design proposals for the space and there are some interesting  looking pictures. And suddenly I’m thinking, ooh these look good and we could get something that is different and attractive to locals and visitors alike. But there are folk who want to restore the original bandstand and I’m conflicted, but here is an opportunity for a progressive council to get local folk involved, to discuss and ultimately decide on what we want.

Anyway, maybe we are too conservative, maybe we’re not able to think more for ourselves and get involved in anything outside our social bubbles and the one party state of Swanage will continue. Either way I’m going to vote for the most progressive folk tomorrow.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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