Just happened across this and had to share:


Dispatch dismay today
Dismiss Mrs May
June can’t come too soon
Dismiss Mrs May today

Don’t delay!
Every day this May, diss May
Then in June, the boon;
Diss May some more for seven days
Then stop and go to bed.
Now rise, rub your eyes then stride,
Wheel, or ride and park
Take the ballot, make your mark
A cross in the box
An X to toss the boss
Dismiss Mrs May today

Don’t despair!
This may dispel the foul affray
Detest the Tess? Delete this mess, OK?
Be you youth or old and grey
In the middle, on the way
Asexual, bi, straight or gay,
Something else; just seize the day
Dismiss Mrs May today
Lynton Crosby’s whirring cogs
Has you slavering like dogs
Repetition judgement fogs
Treating you like sentient logs
Whilst they live on the backs of hogs
Wearing emperor’s new togs
Hunt or Gove or IDS
All the ****s that cause distress
Dismiss their vile emperess
Hasten egress of Queen Tess
Dismiss Mrs May today

You had your time with Cameron
He made a mess, then turned and ran
Into his shed to poke some ham
Communing with his god, Mammon
Now ‘Tinroof Tessie’ greets her fans
Revealing she has got no plans
The country’s future’s in your hands
Release us from these dreadful bands
Your vote does not belong to me
This time, it’s ‘buy one and you get one free’
Make the difference? It could be thee
Don’t gift it them on bended knee

Believe or not, just have your say:
Protestant or Catholic
Expel her if she makes you sick
So maybe you are Muslim, eh?
Just make sure June’s the end of May
If you’re down at Lambeth Way
Or from the shores of Mandalay
Polish, Dutch or from Bombay;
If now a Brit, then please take note
Get off your ass and use your vote
Tired of empty rhetoric
All the lousy hustings’ schtick
That treats the voters like they’re thick
So don’t reward them with your pick
She says the party’s strong and stable
But it’s another Tory fable
The plans they’ve laid out on the table
Resemble more the tower of Babel

Usher in a time of peace
The only way to make hate cease
Is rid yourself of Maggie’s niece –
She’s an axle without grease
And you’re the lamb that has been fleeced
Call time upon her lease
Dismiss her, like the Leith Police
Make it more than mild obsession
Please reject their vile mission
Their riddled ranks beset by fission
(We’d be better with sortition)
Give the Tories intermission
It’s what so many have been wishing
Make her ejection your ambition

Think what you are voting for
It’s clear that we deserve much more
Do not forget the sick and poor
Let’s shake the Tories to their core

Despise their lies and make them pay
Be sure that June’s the end of May

by EspritDeCorpse

And watching david davies on Question Time last night who at one point when Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) was talking he interjected and moved his pugnacious mug very close to hers. Very unpleasant behaviour.

And the latest report on the very selective selection at 11 that goes on in that educational backwater known as kent. The test they use for the 11+ includes a section on ‘reasoning’ for which there is no focused teaching in state primary schools. It does happen though in private ‘preparatory’ schools and with private tutors. Now who sends their sprogs to ‘preparatory’ schools and gives them private tutoring? And may wants to reintroduce more grammar schools to ‘give the bright but poor children a chance’, chance being loaded against that actually happening.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS Which earthly species has been responsible for the extinction of the most earthly species? Why homo sapiens of course. We are a warlike species. And which of the current leaders preaches primarily peace? Not ‘strongnstable’ warrior babe for sure.



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