It’s an illusion.

Well, it’s a good job I’ve got my new found equanimity as I wrote a brilliant blog this morning, much of it about the nefarious ones and their use of cambridge analytica in last year’s brexit referendum and the US election. And the screen went weird and the laptop started behaving differently and it didn’t save as usual and wouldn’t allow me to publish and it disappeared. First time this has happened, their reach and algorithmic intrusions are spreading and the fascist state gets ever closer………….

So now I’m trying to remember what I wrote and what with chemobrain and senility approaching, I’m 60 this week for fuck’s sake.

So it was about illusions, something I’ve long had a superficial interest in, not so much the Paul Daniel’s or Houdini types, more the ones you see, or think you see on paper or screens. When looking for one of my old favourites I came across this which was similar but funnier:


And we live an increasingly illusory age as we are manipulated by the nefarious ones. Carole Cadwalladr wrote a very interesting and a very worrying essay in yesterday’s Observer about the ‘hijacking of our democracy by a dodgy bunch of computer scientists’ :

In particular a bunch called cambridge analytica, now 90% owned by billionaire robert mercer and steve bannon was a vice-president. Building on stuff developed by the military using psychological techniques and allying it to big data and social media the nefarious ones have used it to influence voters. Despite denials there is clear evidence that both major leave groups: and vote leave used cambridge anaglypta, or associated companies such as aggregateiq (to which vote leave spent almost £4 million), in their campaigns.

Just realised, a tad late I know, that it was smart of the leave lot to have two apparently opposed leave groups; the one, with the farage gargoyle and arron banks and the other vote leave with de pfeffel bully bunter and slimegove ( notice how he’s sliming away right now to slime his way back in with maybot?). Smart because the 2 groups covered a lot of ground for potential leave voters so the ones who don’t want to associate themselves with the overtly nasty and racist farage could cuddle up with the likes of buffoonboris, enough Duncan you’re deviating again.

So, farage gargoyle has been mates with bannon for a few years and part of bannon’s plan to create a new world order involved brexit. This cambridge analytica and associated groups played a significant part in cultivating people’s opinions leading up to the referendum via various social media and bypassing mainstream media which is so full of fake news. One example stood out for me ‘veterans for britain’, one of the smaller groups campaigning to leave. Partly because I object to the use of our military folk, past and present, as if they would naturally vote for brexit, sadly short memories and anaglyptic propaganda cause people to forget how the armed force folk voted after the second world war. Anyway, they were approached by aggregateiq who offered to ‘help’ their campaign and shortly before the vote ‘vote leave’ gave the veterans group £100,000 pounds to pay for aggregateiq’s services to bombard their social media contacts with propaganda. So leading up to the referendum these manipulative computer companies sponsored by unaccountable non-brits blitzed the crucial identified voters and ‘persuaded’ them to vote leave.

They then did the same for the drumf dupe and we now have the very clear beginnings of a new world order. And very sadly the illusion that’s been created is becoming a frightening reality.

And it continues with maybot’s election, barely a day goes by without us having to hear or read about some poor sap who’s voted Labour all their lives and now will vote for may who they’ve been persuaded to think is ‘strongnstable’. Bollocks, she’s seriously flaky. Good to see the tts actually make  a mistake today with their pledge to keep immigration to the 10’s of thousands. This has been in their previous two manifestos and manifestly failed and it’s been overseen by the same home secretary for those two governments who’s name temporarily escapes my fevered brain.

And what part will cambridge anaglypta and their ilk play? The poor old electoral commission is hopelessly out of date to deal with this sort of nefarious shit. It really will be farewell welfare if maybot’s elected.

Build that wall:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Wonder if this one will publ………………………………..







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