The white man’s flailing.

Briefly got all excited just now as IPSOS MORI called to ask a few questions, for the first time in my life I’d be able to be included in an opinion poll. The second question was “what is my highest academic qualification?” “Master of Philosophy” I proudly boasted. “So sorry sir but we’ve already interviewed our quota of that demographic”. Bollocks.

And if I’d been asked about drumf I would have really let rip. That fucker should never have been let loose in charge of his own hair let alone a whole country, and the most powerful one on Earth at that. He is so evidently unfit to be a democratic president that despite one’s boggled mind one has to wonder why and how.

There is the obvious trope that he garnered the votes of the disaffected; those ‘left behind’, which has been exaggerated after the last financial crash especially with widening inequality and the incessant displays of wealth stuffed down our gullets via various media. So, yes, dysfunctional capitalism plays a part.

But yankland is exceptional, and as ever exceptionalism plays a part as it does in many homo sapien societies. Despite efforts by the ‘founding fathers’ (no mothers as ever) to bring about a modern democracy and subsequent efforts by others to develop a ‘civilised’ society it had and still has a very flawed underpinning. All the ‘founding fathers’ were white men living in a slave driven society. It is still a very racist society, also misogynist, pretty much against everyone except white men.

And then against the odds they had a black president (and remember drumf was one of the main protagonists against Obama with his birther bollocks and, if you remember, he was even suggesting a march and insurrection around the time of Obama’s first election).

So the orange manboy smartly times his big election bid as Obama’s presidency ends and it’s even more perfect as his presidential opponent is a woman. So the dogs of reaction are unleashed and all those driven by a reactionary bent against all that is liberal and progressive blindly vote for the most unsuitable person possible. And the USA is reaping the consequences of it’s dark underbelly that’s never been properly addressed. Whilst the long tied weird handshaker one provides so much for the satirists there is a danger looming as when they attempt to impeach him he will react in his immaturity and very bad things may happen.

This little rant was inspired reading an essay by Ezinne Ukoha and the following really stood out for me:

“There has always been the filter of discontent and mistrust against those of us who were born here and yet feel like are days are numbered as we accommodate a dictator who was groomed for our imminent demise.”


Of course much of the origins of the USA evolved from little Englandshire and we too are experiencing similar ructions, fortunately so far not on the same scale as our bastard offspring, but it feels ugly.

And see that with de pfeffel bunter’s second election outing he again demonstrates his deeply entitled reactionism talking of “clinky” in a Sikh temple referring to bottles of Johnny Walker; it’s the whisky us white folk use to barter with on our travels, did it myself in Burma (as was, it’s Myanmar now, am I being racist using the old Burma?).

We are living in dangerous times as the white man’s hegemony is undergoing it’s terminal flailing.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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