A Confession.

A confession. A little while ago I began this blog as I was diagnosed with cancer, this much was true but what I failed to disclose was that soon after diagnosis and before treatment started I was approached by a very rich woman (a rarity in the higher echelons of richness have you noticed?) who made a very interesting proposal.

This woman, who’s identity I obviously cannot reveal, had become rich through the brief window of opportunity afforded by the information technology revolution but was soon alarmed by the rapid ossification of this revolution into what she saw as an even more dangerous capitalistic hybrid. Being of a socialist disposition she was even more frightened by the extremely rapid evolution of a very small cabal of very rich men (both ‘new’ and ‘old’ money) who quickly grasped the prospect that the new technology, in particular biotechnology and bioengineering, could really make them ‘masters of the universe’ (why do you think so many of our current crop of blockbuster films are about comic strip superheroes?).

Anyway, at a very secret meeting with her she asked whether I would be interested in having a bit of bioengineering done to me. Apparently I matched a number of criteria: the treatment I was going to have, my political persuasion, the then current state of my brain, my almost complete lack of connection with modern technology and my voracious reading habit. The cancer treatments would provide perfect cover for the little bioengineering tweaks she and her group wanted tested without arousing any interest from the ever increasing surveillance by the malevolent ones.

I wasn’t even allowed to discuss this with Kate so it was, to say the least, very hard to think about on top of trying to process the crabby shit, but being the person that I was of course I agreed.

So now I have been bioengineered and am in the process of having a physical and cognitive upgrade, or rather still undergoing tests to see how effective or otherwise the upgrades have been.

My cancer treatment provided brilliant cover, especially the chemo as it so debilitates the body that any subsequent recovery is seen as normal, what has not been normal is the rate and extent of my physical recovery. Being the annoying, loud-mouthed twat that I am I couldn’t help letting some stuff out here and there but with a few judicious wrist slaps my cover hasn’t been blown. For example whilst some contemporaries I got to know during and after cancer treatment have had continuing problems with taste (the tongue related stuff not the sartorial kind, although that has improved as well) I soon blurted about not only my taste returning rapidly but that it was improved and I couldn’t help but express my deep pleasure at real ale tasting even better.

For the more perceptive amongst you lovely small band of blog readers will also have noticed the cognitive developments evidenced in this blog, but I’ve managed to mask the true improvements pretty well.

To cover my physical improvements we came up with the brilliant idea of me studying and practicing T’ai Chi, in particular Qi Gong, and very fortuitously we have in little old Swanage one of the best practitioners and teachers who has been guiding me for the past year or so.

This also led to me having acupuncture, and again we have one of the best practitioners in little old Swanage, to provide even more cover for both my physical and cognitive development.

Not wanting to attract too much attention also led us to making the very conscious decision to keep this blog very simple with no fancy graphics and the like, but I was allowed to add a few pictures so here’s another Kliban whom we haven’t had for a while:


He also provides brilliant cover.

Enough for now, I’ve an election to oversee.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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