Rentiers with their snouts in the trough.

One of my designated tasks as a member of the new ‘superhuman’ class is to sort out housing in this benighted shire. I continued my fact gathering yesterday by speaking to people in a letting agency in Bath about my daughter renting a room in a house for the coming academic year. Apart from their ineptness, so typical of the normal behaviour of the current crop of human managers, in getting me as a guarantor to have a form signed and witnessed by none other than Old Hector and sent off on Monday to then receive yesterday 2 more guarantor forms with no explanatory covering letter. I telephone them, obviously they are not able to use the hypersensory communication ability we superhumans now have, to be told the landperson who owns the property has wanted to change something so I have to sign and have witnessed 2 forms that are exactly the same as the one I’ve already sent.

Whilst on the old blower I ask about the financial arrangements, in particular that they are wanting my daughter to pay a month and a half’s rent as deposit and a month’s rent up front now, a full 3 months before she actually moves in. I query this on a few fronts and of course get the usual bureaucratic bollocks that it’s policy and everyone does it. What? Everyone acts as shysters? Oh but it’s the landthief’s request and we are representing their greed. Where in this do you represent the tenant’s need? Oh we wait until after they’ve received their summer monies is the reply. But that’s all gone to the current rip off merchants who run the halls of residence to pay for this term’s rent.

Surely, I ask, the inflated deposit acts as surety against the nefarious students acting irresponsibly and pulling out of any contract and they can pay the first month’s rent when they get their loan next term? It’s policy, we all do it is the reply. And where does all this money go I ask? It’s held safely by some company is the reply. And it’s not used to make more money or held in some interest bearing account? No is the reply. How do you know I ask, perhaps it’s held in a fairly secure money warehouse just piled up in a mini money mountain on the warehouse floor? No reply.

And so the ‘discussion’ continues in it’s predictable circularity and despite my superhuman intellect there is no development. So, close to exasperation which is where some Qi Gong breathing helps, I appeal to common humanity and ask whether they think that as intermediaries they are acting in a fair manner for both rip off rentiers and the young, naive students just heading off into the adult world? No reply.

So, you’re just doing the bidding of the rich and powerful, maintaining their grip on hoovering up all the wealth they can, although this of course is at a pretty low level, sort of bottom feeders living like the kleptos at the top of the food chain. Are you happy, I ask, knowing that you are doing the dirty work for those more powerful and certainly very much richer than you? No reply.

Well there is a way of at least trying to change things for the better for homo saps and vote Mr Jeremy next month I say. No reply.

And who represents the top of this rentier food chain:


and his stepson kushner (have you read or heard about his company’s behaviour with rent extraction?)

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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