Us homo sapiens are so misnamed.

“One might also ask how long it takes for immigrant communities to adopt liberal western values or forsake their cultural practices which have developed over millennia in their countries of origin.”

The above is a comment attached to a piece in the Grauniad about our ‘current’ cultural confusion:

Now I feel some sympathy with Afua Hirsch who wrote the article and have written before about our cognitive dissonance with regard to our so called ‘British Values’ which have become part of our national mythology. And in this week of the atrocity in Manchester we witness our cultural cleft. There is an outpouring of communal grief and support and this is good but thereafter the split appears. Some reach out to try and gain common ground and understanding allied with comments such as “don’t play the terrorist’s game and start blaming others in our communities”. And others want instant deportation of all Muslims or even, as the odious katie hopkins instantly suggests, a ‘final solution’.

Brexit has been a driver of this ever widening split and an ugliness stalks the land.

And I chose the comment I put at the beginning because I think this represents our unthinking ignorance. The writer asks “how long it takes for immigrants to adopt liberal western values”. I ask how long does it take supposedly indigenous Brits to adopt liberal western values? How often have we adopted local cultural values when we Brits are immigrants elsewhere? How far did we forsake our cultural practices when abroad? What have been the cultural practices that have come to define our ‘Britishness’ (Portuguese Jewish immigrants introduced us Brits to fish and chips and the French played cricket before us)?

Sapiens means wise, time we had more apposite branding; ‘homo fuckingstupidus’?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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