Who do you feel more comfortable voting for; Drax or Warr?

Now having a go at someone for the behaviour of their ancestors may well be considered a tad unfair and easily rebuffed in these terms by the current generation. And yet my argument would be that the current generation have greatly benefited from the behaviour of previous generations allowing them a very privileged upbringing, very comfortable and rewarding life and a continuation of this process for their progeny.

Richard Drax went to school at harrow, not Harrow High School of the same borough  (currently ranked 2391st nationally) but the private school that costs £37K/year, a tad more than the average UK wage of £26K. What are the odds of an average UK wage earner sending their progeny to harrow? What are the odds of the Drax family through the ages being able to send their sprogs to harrow?

Now I could send up the many peculiar terms harrovians use at their distinctive institution such as calling teachers ‘beaks’ or the hilarious ‘ducker’ for swimming pool, but this would be a cheap shot at an expensive institution. But what this peculiar language does do is that it reinforces for the very privileged few who go there that they are part of a very privileged class. Now they will claim that they also instill a sense of duty and similar bollocks to try and offset their extreme privilege, but this should be treated with the disdain it deserves because it insults our intelligence and simply reinforces the class divide and inherent unfairness.

Ooh chippy duncan and his enviable politics.

No, the inherent unfairness of our current belief system that is the british class system.

In Swanage and South Dorset we have a choice between Richard Drax and Tashi Warr next week. She comes from Weymouth and went to Budmouth Technology College. This school, like many throughout the country are facing cuts with the governments new funding formula so they will be sacking a few teachers. Dorset has one of the poorest funding levels for education in the country, £4240/pupil a year, rather less than the harrovian fees. So what has Mr Drax done to improve state education in Dorset, oh he voted for this: ‘Richard Drax voted against requiring state school teachers to have, or be working towards, qualified teacher status.’ and other votes undermining state education and maintaining the class divide in education.

Who do you feel more comfortable voting for?

29D17FCD00000578-0-image-m-18_1434832472292  or  tashi1.jpg.gallery

Your choice, keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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