The only sense the sensible party has is their sense of entitlement.

Just listened to grayling groaning on about the tts and their dodgy dupes being ever so sensible about their future together. To every question on the toady programme he used the word sensible, so it would appear strongnstable has segued into sensible.

What’s your name? Captain Sensible.

What’s your favourite computer game? Sensible soccer.

mrs may, what sort of shoes do you wear?

So the tts continue their attempted duping of the nation even as the scales finally fall from desensitized folk. And one hopes that the media folk finally flay the tts biggest dupe of their fiscal fibbing. It is a given that Labour always borrows more isn’t it? Er, no:

And I’m listening to their bollocks again right now on the toady show and some tt defending their austerity shit. Just fuck off with your barclay’s mates.

At last some of the kleptos are being done.

Adios amigos, off to sample Mallorcan wine and food.

'It's such a relief to finally find a level-headed woman.'

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Tangenital bollocks.

Bit of a paradox in that there’s so much ‘news’, especially political stuff, that writing anything with any focus is hard in an age of information overload. No sooner do I think of one thing and begin to expound then something pops up and off I go on another tangent. And yet, is there a ‘golden thread’ that I can tug on? Of course there is and it’s the one I’ve had running quite frequently through my blogs. Class and the increasingly obvious societal ugliness that our class system causes.

bunter’s bollocks about cornflakes and his rather ignorant thinking about ‘intelligence’ is an example of the ‘elite’s’ flawed thinking attempting to justify their class’s right to be lording it over the hoi polloi

And in the comments after Michael White’s cereal piece I come across the term ‘dunbass’ to describe bunter. I look up dunbass in the urban dictionary and it means ‘someone who can’t spell or type’. And on the side is a list of terms beginning with dun and there’s the following for Duncan:

So, what with my bioenegineering…………….

Bollocks, bleedin’ tangents.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Off to Mallorca soon, Kate really deserves a holiday.

Here’s to a true Commonwealth.

One day soon, when Mr Jeremy and Co are running the show, there will be a great reckoning, a full and proper audit of the world’s wealth and in particular of the loot stolen by the kleptos. Analyses and books such Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century definitively show that the kleptos are obscenely wealthy. Trouble is they are based on incomplete data because, guess what, the kleptos only show the taxman (why are there no taxwomen?) what they want to show them, for some unfathomable reason they don’t show the wealth they hide through tax avoidance and evasion.

In other words their true piles of loot are hidden and this means that their true wealth will be more than is currently revealed. For example, recent estimates put the Norwegian kleptos at 30% greater wealth than tax and income details reveal. This is for a country with a much more open society where taxes are made public and relatively little wealth hidden. How disparate can one imagine the case to be in this benighted land where we (not the general we as in the whole population, don’t be silly those of us in charge like to use the general we so that we, as in the ruling elite, can continue to DUPe you plebeians into thinking you’re part of some great wee state and we will continue to piss all over you)  run most of the world’s offshore tax haven, the biggest of which is onshore in the middle of bleedin’ London.

In other words the obscene amounts of loot looted by the kleptos is way more than the already  obscene figures we are given. And the current tax system continues to pour ever greater amounts down their greedy, kleptonic gullets; this is what privatisation and the like does. full details soon to be revealed by Angry Young Man.

Time we took our rightful place in a more civilised and fairer world, ditch the Great and stop pretending it just means ‘extent’ and even that is morally dubious considering our colonial history. We are a deluded country and it really is time we threw off and apologised for our colonial past, a bright new future beckons.

Time for a Kliban:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS the above diatribe does not apply to drumf, he doesn’t reveal his taxes because he is really very poor and just owes money to the Russians and other dodgy lenders.


We’re all being DUPed.

“This is the worst self-inflicted disaster to befall a prime minister since, well, since last summer, when David Cameron immolated himself with the Brexit referendum.” wrote Andrew Rawnsley. And still people vote for this appalling party and now, after all the bollocks hurled at Mr Jeremy, not least his alleged appeasement towards terrorists, mayhem is getting into bed with the even more appalling ulster unionists. It is beyond parody, irony or any other comedic response. Here is a prime minister and political party whose primary line of attack was that Labour would form a ‘coalition of chaos’ with the SNP led by a terrorist loving leader now trying to form a certain coalition of chaos with a bunch of dodgy dealers who actually are backed by a terrorist organisation, the udf (ulster defence force).

And bunter is smirking in the wings, licking his fat lips and mussing his hair in preparation for his finest hour, I really do believe he sees himself as Churchillian: uncompromising, focused and strong. But like all bullies he is actually compromised, frequently unfocused and only picks on those weaker than him:    watch and weep.

And I was deep in the Surrey heartlands on Saturday trying my unctuous selling to a sadly paltry number of punters. My reading was interrupted by a man demanding what sounded like “what was I doing in Manningtree?” “Sorry”, I asked and he repeated stuff about Manningtree as my febrile brain tried to make meaningful connections with Manningtree, sensing my obvious confusion he improved his articulation and said “what about the magic money tree?”

“Ah” said I and went into a spiel about the human creation that is the concept of money, how it is created and where it goes. “You a communist then, want everyone to be the same, envious of rich” and the like spewed out but I stuck to my schtick and tried to have a discussion about money and it’s inequitable distribution. “ukip me” he said, “I’m sorry for your loss” I replied, the conversation continued teetering on the edge of violence but eventually he actually asked about my unction and his eczema riddled leg. I made the proposition that he, as a window cleaner, could clean my car windows and I would give him a large pot of unction, bartering in action, but he wouldn’t consider it, preferring to shake his money bush. Weird.

And the BBC continue their bias against Mr Jeremy, it’s like they can’t quite shift their fixed mindsets. And the really unctuous mandleson suggests that Mr Jeremy and co should be ‘umble towards the likes of him. What an absolute wanker, he and his neoliberal toadies are the ones who should be ‘umble. Just before owen toad stood against Mr Jeremy last year the opinion polls had Labour and the tts pretty level, the tory media feasted on this and portrayed Mr Jeremy as a weak leader with most of his mps against him. The polls immediately and then consistently showed the tts far ahead which led to mayhem calling the election. Perhaps if the blairites had behaved better Mr Jeremy would now be implementing things for a better future instead of the mayhem induced mess.

And the health centre just call me to arrange a blood test, apparently my GP wants me to have a regular 3 monthly blood test, news to me. But I shall away and do my Qi Gong and calm myself.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Which side are you on?

So people of South Dorset, will you again demonstrate mass cognitive dissonance and vote for the absolute twat drax?

Or will you dare to vote for the health of the NHS.

Or a better funded education system.

Or a more able brexit negotiating team.

Or a fairer housing system.

Or more police.

Or a better rail system.

Or improved social care.

Or a halt to selling arms to the likes of saudi arabia?

Or eradicating the need for food banks.

Or reversing the rise of poverty.

And I could go on, but  maybe vote for the ‘magic money tree’ that shakes it’s money onto the many and not just the very few kleptos.

We have a clear choice, which side are you on?


Keep on keeping on, and don’t forget to vote love Duncan.



conservative calumny, educational elucidation and defenestrating drax

So we enter the last few days before the most important general election since the last one. Weird mayhem calls it such because it is the most important general election for her as she called it. I must express some pleasure at her hubris so evident a few short weeks ago being so rapidly shattered and strongnstable becoming weaknwobbly, but not too much pleasure as I too could be accused of hubris.

Anyway it’s all a devious tt plan to lose the election because they know what a load of bollocks is just around the corner with the brexit negotiations. About which who would you honestly want negotiating on your behalf: Keir Starmer, Emily Thornbury and Barry Gardiner or David Davies, Liam Fox and Boris Bunter?

One of the many things that annoys me about the tts is how they assume this mantle of fiscal rectitude, that they and they alone are the real masters and mistresses of the economy. The tts constantly talk about their economic competence and the incompetence of Labour and yet pretty much all the hard factual evidence highlights their incompetence. The following shows much of this just for the last few years:

We’ve long despaired at the mendacity of politicians and this has led to feelings of mistrust and sentiments such as ‘they’re all the same’. This is dangerous and is being highlighted at a rapid rate with brexit and drumf.

It is dangerous because in the vacuum that is created the reactionary forces of nationalism, racism, fear of the ‘other’, soon flood in. One can easily observe both here and in the USA that it’s but a few short steps to curtailment of hard won freedoms, martial law, and a fascist state.

Now one area dear to my ageing heart is education and an area where we can make things better but sadly this has not been the case of late. To my simple mind the obvious educational structural solution is to have a truly comprehensive system which simply has the best possible local schools for all the young folk in that locality. So no private schools, no selective schools, no grammar schools, no faith schools, no ‘free’ schools. In fact none of this bollocks of so-called ‘choice’. I’m sure, actually I’ve heard it already, that in the aftermath of the recent terrorist atrocities there will be calls to more closely monitor or close down Moslem faith schools. And Moslems will quite rightly point to the existence of other faith schools.

Religion should play no part in education except within the history/humanities curriculum.

I know that to many folk that this is very difficult to contemplate but if we really do want to have a more peaceful co-existence a good starting point would be a more humane education system.

Just had a couple of teachers from Bristol stay with us, they were making the most of the last days of their half term break by walking the Dorset coast. They were both dreading returning to school and yet both were so committed to doing their best for their students. This is cognitive madness, how have we reached such a situation? How can we sensibly make things better? Vote for me as Education Tsar I hear the call.

Certainly don’t vote for slaver drax. He recently voted to repeal the foxhunting ban, let’s vote to repeal him.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

At the hustings with ex-con Drax.

So Kate and I went to the election hustings in Swanage last night and a very polite affair it was, much like the last time we went. It’s run much like Question Time on the telly except without the old buller dimblebore and his rakish ties. Young Tashi Warr was there for Labour, a middle-aged man for the Greens, a ruddy faced man of Dorset for the Liberals and someone who looked like Richard Drax, formerly of the tory party. No ukipper this time as they’re a busted flush and have been subsumed by may jong il and co.

Now, the Green chap was the biggest crowd pleaser with his tirades against mammon, the corporates and the kleptos. Tashi did OK, although one did wish she’d shown some similar anti-kleptonic fire and one also worried that people would vote for the Green firebrand and split the ‘progressive vote’. The Liberal came out with the usual liberal stuff but didn’t mention legalising the weed.

But the most surprising aspect, at least for little old me, was draxman (did I mention he was an ex-soldier, he did 36 times). Now old tories never used the term ‘council houses’ because it reeks of Labour, and here was draxman not only using the term but contrasting the current tory manifesto promise of building council houses with the thatch regime flogging them off to rentier tory landlords (draxman might not have said the last bit).

He also claimed to be for keeping Poole Hospital A&E, the maternity unit and NHS beds at Wareham Hospital which is part of planned tory cuts.

He also claimed to be for more money for Dorset schools and that no schools would lose money or teachers, likewise part of planned tory cuts.

These draxonian comments and others he made started me thinking that here was a tory candidate who was not toeing the party line. He did say a few times that he was not afraid to stand up for himself, which of course his leader has refused to do by not appearing on the televised debates. All of which portrayed him as someone perhaps not totally at ease with his party’s behaviour and manifesto.

Bollocks, just a typical tory twat twisting and lying to hold on to power and continue his class-given right to lord it over the rest of us underlings.

And bunter declaiming the audience at last night’s mayless TV hustings as “the most leftwing he can recall”……..twat.

And the TV hustings were occasionally entertaining especially when the useless maybot was attacked, especially by the impressive Caroline Lucas: “The first rule of leadership is show up. You don’t call a general election saying it’s the most important in her lifetime and then not even bother to show up.”

A week to go and the tts are falling back on the lizard of oz to haul them over the line. It is good entertainment watching the hapless may and co finally being shown up for the absolutely appalling bunch that they are. Come on you reds.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.