At the hustings with ex-con Drax.

So Kate and I went to the election hustings in Swanage last night and a very polite affair it was, much like the last time we went. It’s run much like Question Time on the telly except without the old buller dimblebore and his rakish ties. Young Tashi Warr was there for Labour, a middle-aged man for the Greens, a ruddy faced man of Dorset for the Liberals and someone who looked like Richard Drax, formerly of the tory party. No ukipper this time as they’re a busted flush and have been subsumed by may jong il and co.

Now, the Green chap was the biggest crowd pleaser with his tirades against mammon, the corporates and the kleptos. Tashi did OK, although one did wish she’d shown some similar anti-kleptonic fire and one also worried that people would vote for the Green firebrand and split the ‘progressive vote’. The Liberal came out with the usual liberal stuff but didn’t mention legalising the weed.

But the most surprising aspect, at least for little old me, was draxman (did I mention he was an ex-soldier, he did 36 times). Now old tories never used the term ‘council houses’ because it reeks of Labour, and here was draxman not only using the term but contrasting the current tory manifesto promise of building council houses with the thatch regime flogging them off to rentier tory landlords (draxman might not have said the last bit).

He also claimed to be for keeping Poole Hospital A&E, the maternity unit and NHS beds at Wareham Hospital which is part of planned tory cuts.

He also claimed to be for more money for Dorset schools and that no schools would lose money or teachers, likewise part of planned tory cuts.

These draxonian comments and others he made started me thinking that here was a tory candidate who was not toeing the party line. He did say a few times that he was not afraid to stand up for himself, which of course his leader has refused to do by not appearing on the televised debates. All of which portrayed him as someone perhaps not totally at ease with his party’s behaviour and manifesto.

Bollocks, just a typical tory twat twisting and lying to hold on to power and continue his class-given right to lord it over the rest of us underlings.

And bunter declaiming the audience at last night’s mayless TV hustings as “the most leftwing he can recall”……..twat.

And the TV hustings were occasionally entertaining especially when the useless maybot was attacked, especially by the impressive Caroline Lucas: “The first rule of leadership is show up. You don’t call a general election saying it’s the most important in her lifetime and then not even bother to show up.”

A week to go and the tts are falling back on the lizard of oz to haul them over the line. It is good entertainment watching the hapless may and co finally being shown up for the absolutely appalling bunch that they are. Come on you reds.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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