conservative calumny, educational elucidation and defenestrating drax

So we enter the last few days before the most important general election since the last one. Weird mayhem calls it such because it is the most important general election for her as she called it. I must express some pleasure at her hubris so evident a few short weeks ago being so rapidly shattered and strongnstable becoming weaknwobbly, but not too much pleasure as I too could be accused of hubris.

Anyway it’s all a devious tt plan to lose the election because they know what a load of bollocks is just around the corner with the brexit negotiations. About which who would you honestly want negotiating on your behalf: Keir Starmer, Emily Thornbury and Barry Gardiner or David Davies, Liam Fox and Boris Bunter?

One of the many things that annoys me about the tts is how they assume this mantle of fiscal rectitude, that they and they alone are the real masters and mistresses of the economy. The tts constantly talk about their economic competence and the incompetence of Labour and yet pretty much all the hard factual evidence highlights their incompetence. The following shows much of this just for the last few years:

We’ve long despaired at the mendacity of politicians and this has led to feelings of mistrust and sentiments such as ‘they’re all the same’. This is dangerous and is being highlighted at a rapid rate with brexit and drumf.

It is dangerous because in the vacuum that is created the reactionary forces of nationalism, racism, fear of the ‘other’, soon flood in. One can easily observe both here and in the USA that it’s but a few short steps to curtailment of hard won freedoms, martial law, and a fascist state.

Now one area dear to my ageing heart is education and an area where we can make things better but sadly this has not been the case of late. To my simple mind the obvious educational structural solution is to have a truly comprehensive system which simply has the best possible local schools for all the young folk in that locality. So no private schools, no selective schools, no grammar schools, no faith schools, no ‘free’ schools. In fact none of this bollocks of so-called ‘choice’. I’m sure, actually I’ve heard it already, that in the aftermath of the recent terrorist atrocities there will be calls to more closely monitor or close down Moslem faith schools. And Moslems will quite rightly point to the existence of other faith schools.

Religion should play no part in education except within the history/humanities curriculum.

I know that to many folk that this is very difficult to contemplate but if we really do want to have a more peaceful co-existence a good starting point would be a more humane education system.

Just had a couple of teachers from Bristol stay with us, they were making the most of the last days of their half term break by walking the Dorset coast. They were both dreading returning to school and yet both were so committed to doing their best for their students. This is cognitive madness, how have we reached such a situation? How can we sensibly make things better? Vote for me as Education Tsar I hear the call.

Certainly don’t vote for slaver drax. He recently voted to repeal the foxhunting ban, let’s vote to repeal him.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “conservative calumny, educational elucidation and defenestrating drax

  1. Down with Drax and other Maybot lackeys!

    You’ve oft talked of cognitive dissonance/bias, well today I came across an interesting article about implicit bias – which made me think of you. There’s even a link to an online test in it.
    It’s ostensibly about racism, but read on to the end for a wider discussion…


  2. This ‘anotherangryvoice’ blog is quite cool but misses the point in so many ways. Of course, the current ‘government’ has increased the public debt from 1 trillion (in 2010) to 1.7 trillion (now) with nothing whatsoever to show for it. We all know where the money has gone – down the tubes and to the filthy rich. As I have said many times before, the tax system is, and always has been, a method for transferring money from the poor to the rich and not the other way around as their vile propaganda dares to suggest. The people responsible for this outrage are traitors who should be hanged, drawn and quartered and have their heads placed on pikes on the walls of the Tower. I can and will provide a list of names. But in the meantime angry Tom merely whines about it without providing a coherent suggested solution.

    I am also troubled by his recent article about Saudi Arabia. WTF, of course Theresa May is happy to hob nob with the Saudis whilst they finance the terrorists. This terrorism stuff is VERY MUCH in her interests in the same way that the Falklands crisis helped Thatcher so much. Much as I find the public and media responses to the recent violent outrages sickening and schmaltzy, I find the responses of the ‘authorities’ deeply chilling and actually much worse than the evil they are purportedly seeking to combat. The cunts actually love this shit. It enables them to impose more and more thuggery, draconian rules and restrictions and surveillance against decent ordinary people and reinforce their unjustified and wholly unlawful authority on the back of public emotional reaction and anger / fear.

    So, I hear you ask, what is your solution AYM? Very simple actually. Let’s just tell the truth and be nice to each other as Bruce Forsyth once said but didn’t do.


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