We’re all being DUPed.

“This is the worst self-inflicted disaster to befall a prime minister since, well, since last summer, when David Cameron immolated himself with the Brexit referendum.” wrote Andrew Rawnsley. And still people vote for this appalling party and now, after all the bollocks hurled at Mr Jeremy, not least his alleged appeasement towards terrorists, mayhem is getting into bed with the even more appalling ulster unionists. It is beyond parody, irony or any other comedic response. Here is a prime minister and political party whose primary line of attack was that Labour would form a ‘coalition of chaos’ with the SNP led by a terrorist loving leader now trying to form a certain coalition of chaos with a bunch of dodgy dealers who actually are backed by a terrorist organisation, the udf (ulster defence force).

And bunter is smirking in the wings, licking his fat lips and mussing his hair in preparation for his finest hour, I really do believe he sees himself as Churchillian: uncompromising, focused and strong. But like all bullies he is actually compromised, frequently unfocused and only picks on those weaker than him:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAxA-9D4X3o    watch and weep.

And I was deep in the Surrey heartlands on Saturday trying my unctuous selling to a sadly paltry number of punters. My reading was interrupted by a man demanding what sounded like “what was I doing in Manningtree?” “Sorry”, I asked and he repeated stuff about Manningtree as my febrile brain tried to make meaningful connections with Manningtree, sensing my obvious confusion he improved his articulation and said “what about the magic money tree?”

“Ah” said I and went into a spiel about the human creation that is the concept of money, how it is created and where it goes. “You a communist then, want everyone to be the same, envious of rich” and the like spewed out but I stuck to my schtick and tried to have a discussion about money and it’s inequitable distribution. “ukip me” he said, “I’m sorry for your loss” I replied, the conversation continued teetering on the edge of violence but eventually he actually asked about my unction and his eczema riddled leg. I made the proposition that he, as a window cleaner, could clean my car windows and I would give him a large pot of unction, bartering in action, but he wouldn’t consider it, preferring to shake his money bush. Weird.

And the BBC continue their bias against Mr Jeremy, it’s like they can’t quite shift their fixed mindsets. And the really unctuous mandleson suggests that Mr Jeremy and co should be ‘umble towards the likes of him. What an absolute wanker, he and his neoliberal toadies are the ones who should be ‘umble. Just before owen toad stood against Mr Jeremy last year the opinion polls had Labour and the tts pretty level, the tory media feasted on this and portrayed Mr Jeremy as a weak leader with most of his mps against him. The polls immediately and then consistently showed the tts far ahead which led to mayhem calling the election. Perhaps if the blairites had behaved better Mr Jeremy would now be implementing things for a better future instead of the mayhem induced mess.

And the health centre just call me to arrange a blood test, apparently my GP wants me to have a regular 3 monthly blood test, news to me. But I shall away and do my Qi Gong and calm myself.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



2 thoughts on “We’re all being DUPed.

  1. It is a Greek tragedy. She is being forced to go through the motions of attempting to set up a government when she and we all know it is a doomed nonsense. I almost [italics] feel sorry for her. The idea of doing a deal with the dupes (or the duped) is revoltingly corrupt. They all know they are dead meat walking to borrow from Osborne the great borrower who made Gordon Brown look like a prudent banker and the housewife from Grantham look like Lenin.


  2. And yet the ‘mainstream commentariat’ continue to talk in such deferential tones when these twats should be ridiculed, especially the duck-faced twat that is the slimeball gove who can’t believe that he’s back, probably down to the dirty digger and bunter who can’t stop drooling.


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