Here’s to a true Commonwealth.

One day soon, when Mr Jeremy and Co are running the show, there will be a great reckoning, a full and proper audit of the world’s wealth and in particular of the loot stolen by the kleptos. Analyses and books such Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century definitively show that the kleptos are obscenely wealthy. Trouble is they are based on incomplete data because, guess what, the kleptos only show the taxman (why are there no taxwomen?) what they want to show them, for some unfathomable reason they don’t show the wealth they hide through tax avoidance and evasion.

In other words their true piles of loot are hidden and this means that their true wealth will be more than is currently revealed. For example, recent estimates put the Norwegian kleptos at 30% greater wealth than tax and income details reveal. This is for a country with a much more open society where taxes are made public and relatively little wealth hidden. How disparate can one imagine the case to be in this benighted land where we (not the general we as in the whole population, don’t be silly those of us in charge like to use the general we so that we, as in the ruling elite, can continue to DUPe you plebeians into thinking you’re part of some great wee state and we will continue to piss all over you)  run most of the world’s offshore tax haven, the biggest of which is onshore in the middle of bleedin’ London.

In other words the obscene amounts of loot looted by the kleptos is way more than the already  obscene figures we are given. And the current tax system continues to pour ever greater amounts down their greedy, kleptonic gullets; this is what privatisation and the like does. full details soon to be revealed by Angry Young Man.

Time we took our rightful place in a more civilised and fairer world, ditch the Great and stop pretending it just means ‘extent’ and even that is morally dubious considering our colonial history. We are a deluded country and it really is time we threw off and apologised for our colonial past, a bright new future beckons.

Time for a Kliban:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS the above diatribe does not apply to drumf, he doesn’t reveal his taxes because he is really very poor and just owes money to the Russians and other dodgy lenders.



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