The only sense the sensible party has is their sense of entitlement.

Just listened to grayling groaning on about the tts and their dodgy dupes being ever so sensible about their future together. To every question on the toady programme he used the word sensible, so it would appear strongnstable has segued into sensible.

What’s your name? Captain Sensible.

What’s your favourite computer game? Sensible soccer.

mrs may, what sort of shoes do you wear?

So the tts continue their attempted duping of the nation even as the scales finally fall from desensitized folk. And one hopes that the media folk finally flay the tts biggest dupe of their fiscal fibbing. It is a given that Labour always borrows more isn’t it? Er, no:

And I’m listening to their bollocks again right now on the toady show and some tt defending their austerity shit. Just fuck off with your barclay’s mates.

At last some of the kleptos are being done.

Adios amigos, off to sample Mallorcan wine and food.

'It's such a relief to finally find a level-headed woman.'

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


5 thoughts on “The only sense the sensible party has is their sense of entitlement.

  1. The blog comparing historic Labour and Conservative borrowing is interesting. The comments by actuaries are even more so.
    I think that the more moderate commentators seem to conclude that it’s simplistic and doesn’t evidence a causal relationship.
    I therefore still have a big concern about a Labour government and debt:
    Labour’s manifesto says they’ll spend £46.2Bn extra on services.
    It claims that can be raised from tax increases – primarily from a corporate tax rate increase from 19% to 28%.
    But when the rate was reduced recently from 28% to the 19%, tax revenues increased by £7Bn, which sugggests a £53.2Bn hole.
    If that’s correct then our deficit will increase from current £45Bn (3% of GDP) to £100Bn (6% of GDP).
    That will cause an increase in the interest rate the U.K. pays. We currently pay £35Bn pa. – a very low rate. If it doubles, we must find another £35Bn. Our deficit will become £135Bn pa i.e. 9% of GDP. In 1 year our debt will exceed 100% of GDP and with a 9% deficit we’d get into a Greek style spiral dive situation within a couple of years. But without anyone available to bail us out.
    If that happens then no NHS, no education, no social services, no nothing…


    1. And yet, we currently and recently have had so called ‘austerity’ which is basically reducing monies to the poorer in society at the same time engineering ever greater amounts going to the already obscenely rich creating an ever greater divide and with events like Grenfell Tower happening within one of the richest boroughs in the world an increasingly incendiary situation and focusing on actuarial accountancy apparitions is rapidly losing it’s power. I am currently issuing shares in my pitchfork company.


  2. Interesting stuff from Richard Murphy. He is spot on this time. I don’t always agree with him. The stream of comments is interesting too. But no-one seems to understand why the Cons borrow more but also promote cuts and austerity. As I have explained before, the answer is simple. The ‘profit margin’ is poured into the pockets of their rich friends, in all sorts of ways. Have fun in Mallorca.


  3. Excellent stuff guys. I think Martin has hit upon something here. If I can be permitted to extrapolate his logic it must then be the case that if all tax rates are reduced to zero then the actual amount of tax collected will increase to infinity. Brilliant and just the solution we have been looking for.


  4. That’s assuming a simple x=y\{x|z} curve but the having a laffer curve gives the kleptonic higher income lower taxes and higher tax incentives to piss even more on the masses.


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