Whose side are you on?

For a mere £30 you can ascend the shard and have the ultimate London viewing experience:

‘Experience London’s highest viewing platform at the top of The Shard – Western Europe’s tallest building. It’s the only place to take in over 1,000 years of the capital’s history all at once.’

And look in a roughly north-easterly direction and you can view the the latest chapter in the capital’s history as you gaze at the charred remains of Grenfell Tower. And as you take in this view ponder awhile.

Contemplate that on that platform you are actually adjacent to 10 apartments valued at £30m-£50m which have been empty since the building was completed a few years ago.

Reflect on the absolute horror that a still unknown number of people went through as they died in Grenfell Tower and on the ground around as they jumped to their deaths.

Chew over that there is a very real possibility that for the sake of saving  £293,368 on cheaper cladding things may have been very different. In financial terms that is near enough 1% of the cost of one of the cheapest shard penthouses.

Mull over that Grenfell Tower is surrounded by numerous other highly desirable, hideously expensive and long term empty properties all bought by kleptos who have so much money all they can think of doing is ‘investing’ in stuff like property to hoover up even more wealth.

Excogitate about the almost total ineptness of a local council in dealing with the catastrophe, which continues in their unwillingness to properly house those who have just lost pretty much everything in anything like decent housing. A council that has hoarded almost £300m and gives £100 council tax rebates makes one think that perhaps they are on the side of the kleptos.

Ruminate on how those in power are already trying to ‘manage’ the narrative, for example that we can’t ‘politicise’ what has happened like Mr Jeremy and co have when it is absolutely political and is an egregious example of all that is wrong with our benighted land. A further aside; when listening to a tt talk yesterday on the wireless about the disaster as an accident and a completely unforeseen event……what an absolute wanker, the tenants of Grenfell Tower had been raising safety concerns for years, some being very explicit about the possibility of a conflagration.

Now meditate, think carefully and deeply about which side you are on. What and whom do you care about?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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