Yin Yang eh?

Still getting my addled bonce around the fact that I’ve now been 60 years on this Earth. As with everything there is a bit of positive and negative, yin and yang, and had a great time celebrating with friends the weekend before last but took a little while for the body and brain to come back to some equilibrium. It’s a physiological thing, something I learned in my first physiology lecture at dear old no longer exists Chelsea College. The old body is never in a steady state of equilibrium, it’s forever ‘hunting’ that equilibrium going up and down in a never ending cycle until the steady state of death I suppose.

Up I go for the weekend down I go for a few days after, with a few little up and downs along the way. Thing is you need to be open or put in a little effort now and then to allow stuff, and it’s not just the simplistic ‘be positive’ schtick. Yesterday I had the unctuous stall at the local Kingston Country Fair, expectations, while not low, were on some sort of equilibrium. Selling was steady and above the norm. A woman came in some distress about her red and swollen eye from contact dermatitis, had been like this for many weeks and had been prescribed eumovate, a cream with steroids, which made her eye sting and wasn’t working. She put a little of my unction on and left. Later, when a couple were considering purchasing some unction, the woman returned in a state of some euphoria, “look at my eye” she said all swelling and redness gone. “This is a set up” said the bloke considering a purchase. But no it wasn’t, and yet again I experienced a vague sense of euphoria tinged with disbelief (yin and yang?) my little creation having such an effect?

Later on I had the most delicious steak, a piece of ribeye from the newly opened Salt Pig in Swanage town, as Kate and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, our actual second wedding. Is steak good for yin or yang or neither or both?

And we are in a weird electoral cycle, who thought that a few months ago may and Mr Jeremy would be where they are now?

And who had a few pounds on the Lions to beat the All Blacks last week? Then last Friday I couldn’t decide on who I should put my money on so plumped for the draw at good odds. And it was another brilliant game with the Lions thoroughly deserving of the draw. How did the yin and yang play out in that series of games?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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