Let’s really take back control.

Lots of chatter at the moment about the economy; inflation rising, UK economic growth slowing, productivity down (been going down for many a year), most people continuing to experience effective falls in ‘living  standards’, bosses saying the poorest can’t have any increase in their already low remuneration, overpaid public sector workers. And yet this year shareholders are giving themselves a right old bonanza, £33bn, that’s a 14.5% rise from last year. OK some of it goes to pension funds, which we’re constantly reminded about, but I wonder who grasps the larger share of pensions in their grubby maws?

As the human world is in the midst of it’s latest industrial revolution how much of all this largely ill gotten gain is invested in the new technology? Not much, the shareholders and bosses cram as much as they can down their greedy gullets. Despite interest rates at long term record lows and corporation tax rates ever lowered where is all this fabled entrepreneurial spirit we so often hear about?

It’s bollocks of course, all that has been developed is the kleptos avarice. We’ve even had the most explicit Neronian moment with all the powerful and entitled fiddling in Kensington and Chelsea whilst Grenfell Tower burned.

Kleptonic ceos now pay themselves £5.3m every year on average, 386 times the national living wage which many of the kleptos consider too much such as cineworld bosses and dear old Brixton Ritzy employees. Ah, but we deserve it, it is a meritocracy after all they opine. Bollocks, meritocracy is a myth, boris de pfeffell twatface is more than ample evidence.

And all the time the mendacious twats mislead and delude us; look at the benefit scrounger, the immigrant, the greedy public worker, the unpatriotic leftie (yes you David Hollister and your dodgy flag post).

Let’s really take back control.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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