Groaning and fleeceholding.

Sat in Green Clinic at Poole Hospital for my 3 monthly check up, a little anxious as ever, when a couple arrive and sit near me. He seems to be the patient as he looks quite ill, but he might look the way he does as he moans a lot about stuff to his wife (I presume she’s his wife). He then turns to me and goes on about having to wait 2 hours at his last visit, I shrug and say that sometimes happens. He continues to moan on about stuff as a nurse comes into the waiting area and calls out a name, no one moves. She repeats the name, still no one moves and she leaves. I interrupt the moaning one, or try to as it takes 3 attempts to get his attention, a woman behind us giggles. Are you so and so I ask, repeating the nurses call out. He looks at me with some perturbation. I repeat the name the nurse has called and he says that’s me. Well I say they’ve just called for you, for me he asks, yes you I say. He stands and approaches a nurse and suggests to her that I have suggested his name has been called, she checks and confirms that he has been called.

I think I’ve discovered why he has such long waits in Green Clinic.

I see a locum consultant, she gives me the most thorough check, especially with the camera down my nose into my gullet. As I’m gagging she’s asking me to move my tongue about, make various noises and blow my cheeks out, all quite hard to do whilst gagging. But she says it all looks good. Confirms that my borderline hypothyroidism is probably caused by the radiotherapy. She also confirms that my tight, and often painful, neck muscles will be permanent. They also sometimes ‘lock’ my jaw as they really tighten, this too will be ongoing. Still, I continue to be crabby free.

And thinking of food do we want Europeanisation or mcdonaldisation of our food? These are very general terms to describe our relationship with food in that the first involves better regulation of a food supply that is more sure of it’s provenance. It is less adulterated by stuff such as chlorine, hormones, dodgy additives, and the like. The second will be brought about by the fucking fox and his craven trade deals with drumf and co.

And yet, as with all things commercial, as a society we have to be ever vigilant with the forces of capitalistic exploitation. Listening yesterday to the outrageous scams being perpetrated by the kleptos with their ‘fleecehold’ deals done to new build house buyers. I like many of my fellow folk thought that when you buy a house you also buy the freehold of the land on which it stands. No longer as the kleptonic ones have conjured up yet another financial scam with offshored companies buying up mass freeholds from house builders soon after people have bought the houses, then thieving outrageous sums of money from poor folk simply by having this freehold. They even charge £50 plus to let leaseholders know how many thousands of pounds they intend to steal from folk to buy their tawdry freeholds. It really is time to introduce a land tax and take back their ill gotten loot and land. I was also shocked to hear that the last inept prime minister has kleptonic interests in one such offshore company.

Thinking of kleptos, the unctuous company director was having negative thoughts about his business empire, driving back from the hospital thinking he’d yet again wasted money on trying to get into the tattoo market. And then, only a short while later whilst having coffee with Hector, a phone call from a tattooist wanting to do a deal and saying that she uses the unction for lots of other skin related things and thinks it brilliant. All the unction company lacks is any promotion, marketing, brand placement and decent management.

B. Kliban 19 Thanks Mr Kliban.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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