What have we lost?

I continue to ponder this leasehold scam and move on to thinking that shit like this reflects the current state of our common humanity, and it ain’t good. I’m not so naive as to think that there was a golden period in human history when we all behaved with compassion towards our fellows. And yet I believe we have lived, and are living through, a period when the dominance of a certain strain of economics has corrupted our very souls.

I read Tony Judt, not for confirmation bias but better understanding, and a paragraph stands out:

“What precisely is it that we find abhorrent in financial capitalism, or “commercial society” as the eighteenth century had it? What do we find instinctively amiss in our present arrangements and what can we do about them? What do we find unfair? What is it that offends our sense of propriety when faced with unrestrained lobbying by the wealthy at the expense of everyone else? What have we lost?”

When I think about the leasehold scam I wonder at those that are able to behave in such a way towards their fellow beings. What have they lost? Let’s put them in a people’s court of common humanity and simply let them see, hear and feel what their behaviour has caused and give them the opportunity to reflect fully. Perhaps there may be some vestiges of common humanity that have been hidden for so long. I remain hopeful.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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