Madness, Madness they call it Madness.

Just watched the last episode of the Handmaid’s Tale, televisual brilliance augmented at the riveting finale by Nina Simone and Tom Petty in pretty swift succession. It was harrowing, horrorful and very occasionally hopeful. In that currently overused word, prescient, with the fucking nutter in the White House and religious nutjobs everywhere. The scene where they refuse to stone their fellow handmaiden oh so powerful and simply demonstrating how we can prevail when we do stuff together.

Don’t pay back your student loan to the student loans company who are increasing interest rates, don’t pay the kleptonic fuckers who demand your lease monies, don’t pay the outrageous £10 they charge just to try and get an ‘official’ programme at Camp Bestival. If everyone did this together we ‘d soon get the kleptos on the run.

Despite not having a programme Kate and I had a brilliant time at Camp Bestival in the rain. Kate so happy gazing at her hero Suggs:


Keep on keeping on one step beyond, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Madness, Madness they call it Madness.

  1. Agreed, it was quite inspiring that scene. BTW it (the book) was written in 1975 and was intended to describe the situation in the USA at that time as seen through Margaret Atwood’s very perceptive eyes. I got similar inspiration from watching Cromwell with Richard Harris. But we must be careful what we say here. Fomenting ‘civil disobediance’ gets the kleptos very worried and when they are worried they can do some very silly and reckless things.


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