tory larceny.

So, that’s just for you Julie, I’m on my way to Wareham, driven by the beautiful Kate to get the train to Weymouth where I will board Nick and Julie’s powerful new boat to spend an absolutely delightful day anchored in Mupe Bay mupe when we are held up behind a motorhome. A frequent occurrence on the roads of Dorset at this time of year. This particular motorhome was called ‘pioneer’, it’s on it’s way to a place where there are already a large number of other pioneers all pretending to be pioneers before heading off again to places that were pioneered a very long time ago. The names of motorhomes and caravans are not ironic, simply dull and annoying: swift is one particular model that annoys me, and this even has a sub-group called charisma! Eldiss caravans compete with swift both in terms of sales and stupid names but they do have one very appositely named one: avante, which means ‘in front’. Time for some honesty in the caravan camp: tailback time, congestion causer, crawler, we’re jammin’, snarler……Oh, and we’re planning to have a little motorhome one day.

And I see that may and co have really hammered the kleptos with their proposals to get some of them to reveal how much more they’re earning than their poor bloody workers and not to have the promised worker representation at board level. Still, I suppose when we have such inept management from the tts we can expect little improvement in the kleptos.

The last Labour government set up a body called Learndirect to improve education and apprenticeships for adults in about 2000. When the tts resumed power in 2010 they soon privatised Learndirect and earlier this year ofsted spent quite a while just trying to get into their organisation to give it the once over, the privatised twats kept going to court to prevent them, one immediately wonders what they might want to hide. Funny how accountability is somehow less of an issue for these private crooks.  Anyway, ofsted persisted and eventually got to look at the books and I was mildly surprised that 84% of public money, that’s our taxes that the tts go on about so often, 84 bleedin’% went on ‘management’ fees, share dividend theft, various corporate jollies dressed up as essential business and so on. Also:

“Learndirect’s profit after tax dwindled from £10m in 2012 to just £1.6m in the year to July 2015, the most recent period for which figures are available, despite revenues surging from £134m to £171m.

At the same time, Learndirect’s parent companies, Pimco (Holdings) and Pimco 2909 paid out tens of millions of pounds in management fees, dividends and interest payments.”

At the time of privatisation in 2011 Learndirect had no debt, it is now heavily in debt. So as all this kleptonic management occurs what of it’s core purpose, that of adult learning and training? I leave it to ofsted who gave them their lowest possible grades.

Learndirect’s mission statement includes the following: “learndirect is all about helping people to reach their goals. As such, our vision is a simple one: inspiring people to realise their potential.” I agree, their vision is simple but just need to change ‘people’ to ”us’ and ‘their’ to ‘our’. This is the true face of the tts.

Now, imagine if you can, a similar exercise with ofsted coming out with similar findings of a state run public institution and the howling hysterical headlines in the mail. It’s newspeak propaganda; private good public bad.

Still, all will be well with jacob rees moggtwat as PM, I mean, he was indoctrinated at the cheatin’ eton.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




W(h)ither Education?

So, not content with all their already egregious advantages the pupils of eton, or ‘school’ as it’s arrogantly referred to by it’s alumni, what’s that mean you sesquipedalian swank;

“I’m meeting with my fellow alumni tonight
What the fucks an alumni?
Someone that went to where I went
then why can’t you just say that you fucktard”

as mo tanweer, former deputy headmaster at eton, has been sacked after being found out distributing exam questions to fellow teachers ahead of an economics exam. Now he was probably sacked for being found out rather than doing what is just a small part of the whole private school scam with eton being the apotheosis. Mr tanweer was a principal examiner of the economics exam and involved in preparing the exam. To my untutored eye this is but a simple example of how the whole system is rigged as one could by simple extrapolation take the whole english establishment as being run by etonian alumni and their ilk and rigging the system to ensure only their offspring get to join the club.

In the meantime all the rest of our offspring run the gamut of this country’s dysfunctional education and it’s even more dysfunctional testing and examination system. Essentially it weeds out those with the highest propensity for regurgitating what those rigging the system set so that the whole sorry eton mess can merrily carry on. And we have twats like gove imposing their twisted take on education instead of developing an education system that does what it should do for all our young folk.

And we have the annual load of bollocks at this time of year when results are revealed and simplistic tropes are rehashed and so the whole mess continues. Is it really too idealistic or utopian to want an education system that educates rather than indoctrinates? This is the urban dictionary’s take on education which amply reflects my beliefs:

“Everyday, millions of children march to school with drudgery and resistance. As young children, they go in open-hearted and free — at night, they imagine that their tiny hands can reach up and touch the birds. The entire world is a new place and the fascination of beauty never subsides. But as older adolescents leaving their high school, they go close-minded and bondaged — at night, they drink themselves into passing out and talk about the most popular thing to come, under obligation. The boys worry about their sexual conquests. The girls worry about their sexual appearance. Both worry about being social in a society that has made a weakness of kindness and an insult of emotion. Such a great change occurs between those who enter school and those who leave it.

Just think of the sheer idiocy of compulsary education. We threaten these children with imprisonment if they do not appear in class. Once in class, they spend their time either sleeping or completing tasks that are completely irrelevant to them. By giving them no option in their schooling, what have we taught them? The first lesson they learn is to detest learning, to hold unbridled sympathy for education. Take any man, put him in chains, and force him to recite poetry, or force him to play an instrument, or force him to farm the land — and once he becomes a free man, do you think he will want to engage in that activity that was forced upon him? The scars on a slaves hands from working the fields, the memories of abuse of a houseservant; given the right to do as they wish in the world, is it likely to think that they will return to that work which they were forced to do? And then consider schools. We force children to sit and overfeed them erroneous facts, faulty logic, damaged reasoning, concealed under the guise of “schooling.” Once the mental faculties of these children are damaged, their heart grows an animosity towards learning, towards books, towards facts and knowledge. It is the greatest folly to make children hate learning, and the greatest danger to a real, living Democracy in any nation.

Because when the Red Sox win a baseball game, five universities in the state of Massachussetts riot. But when the United States regime supports a South American dictator known for slaughtering his own people, it’s a whisper lost in the wind.

Our ignorance is their power.

Real knowledge is acquired by learning what interests you, through reading, investigation, practice, or any other desirable method. To become intelligent, you must engage in activity with the idea that are you learning because you want to, because knowledge is a goal. The path to conformity varies greatly from this. First, you engage in nothing, but allow cultural standards and social obligations to control you. Second, the idea of learning is to memorize random, perhaps unrelated and blatant facts — true or untrue — so that they may be recited upon command. Third, the goal is not knowledge, but a passing grade; they learn to for the sake of knowledge, but rather for the sake of social acceptance.

Take two children. Give the first freedom and liberty, give him a wealth of books and movies, give him teachers to aid him upon his request and a place that encourages art, creativity, and independence. Then take away the freedom and liberty of the second, require his presence in a classroom in front of a teacher, threaten him with a jail sentence if he does not go to his school. Give each of them ten or fifteen years, and check the development of each of them after this amount of time. The only forced to endure slavery may be able to stand in a lecture hall and he might be able to say to you, “George Washington was born in 1732 and died in 1799. In 1776, the Revolutionary War began where he acted as general. In 1783, it ended. In 1789, he was elected president a first time, and in 1792, he was elected president a second time.” You are given dates and events, surely, it is true history. But take the child who was given freedom to do as he pleased, and he might be able to stand in a lecture hall and tell you, “In the sixteenth century, in Europe, a Spanish physician by the name of Michael Servetus was convicted of heresy by the Roman Catholic Church. Fleeing from his oppressors, he made it to Geneva, where the vindictive John Calvin had absolute authority. In earlier years, Servetus expressed his doubt on Calvin’s protestant religion. Once captured by the authorities, Servetus was burned to death at the orders of John Calvin in 1533. They had him wear a hat of sulphur and used slow-burning wood, that the crowd could listen to screams for mercy for the duration of a half hour. One year after the death of this man, Calvin published a list of insults of his former enemy.”

Be a rebel. Because being a conformist means admitting that the parts of you that matter are already dead.

But if that’s the case, what does matter? The emotions that run rampant through our head, the thoughts that we tumble and toss over in our minds constantly — sexual fantasies to memories of our friends and family, thoughts and ideas about our future, wishes and desires for our current life with those who are close to us. The idea of a living freedom, knowing that what you wish to do believe with your mind is unrestricted and what you wish to do with your body, so long as you harm none, is unlimited. Life matters to us because we make it matter; if we never told a lover we would miss them upon our departure for a long voyage, if we never told a family member that we dream of a time when oppression ended, if we never wrote a poem and hoped to give it to a friend whose face we haven’t seen in years — if we never cared about life, then life wouldn’t matter. What matters is what we make matter. So in a few years, all the kids who graduate from high school will know that their grades never mattered, because even though so young, they already know that it won’t be the grades they got that they think about upon their death bed.

Twenty years ago the textbooks used in history class just began to cover some of the issues of the four hundred years of oppression of the African race in this country.

Children who are forced into a school and forced to complete erroneous assignments learn only one thing: to hate education. I clearly demonstrated this truth earlier, but there is more to be learned from it. Take a slave. It could be a slave from any society, whether an African in colonial America or a Plebeian in the Roman Empire. For the entirety of their life, they labor. Their sweat, their tears, their blood, the biproducts of their toil seep into the ground and their garments. All they produce goes to the one who did not labor (and alas, our modern Capitalist system has managed to recreate these conditions). Inside every slave, there will be a growing hatred of their activity as a servant, a farmer, a manufacturer — they will learn to hate what has been forced upon them without their consent. But inside some of them, there will be the kindling of hope for a dream. One day, they will hope to produce for themselves, knowing that what their hands reap will be what fills their stomach, and not the stomach belonging to idle hands. So, too, it is with our compulsary education. The more we are forced into schools and our minds filled with useless facts, the stronger our thirst grows for real education, for real knowledge. Few are like this, but we exist. Others simply remain politically and emotionally sedated, as the focus of their mind is the next test or the next prom, and not children enslaved in southeast asia or the meaning of life.

To every student who must endure the excuse of an education system that we have, I can only offer these words of hope… Educate yourself, not with school teachers, but with the books they wanted to ban. Teach yourself, learn, grow, and develop. Learn that the greatest asset education can offer is that of independence.

“If the teacher happens to be a man of sense, it must be an unpleasant thing to him to be conscious, while he is lecturing his students, that he is either speaking or reading nonsense, or what is very little better than nonsense.

“The discipline of colleges and universities is in general contrived, not for the benefit of the students, but for the interest, or more properly speaking, for the ease of the masters. Its object is, in all cases, to maintain the authority of the master, and whether he neglects or performs his duty, to oblige the students in all cases to behave to him, as if he performed it with the greatest diligence and ability. It seems to presume perfect wisdom and virtue in the one order, and the greatest weakness and folly in the other.”

— Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Book 5, Chapter I, Part 3, Article II.

Life matters to us because we make it matter. Be a rebel

’nuff said, Keep on Keeping on, love Duncan.


Where are we now?

We live in increasingly strange times, where ‘the most powerful man’ in the world is one of the most ignorant people in the world. The current world population is about 7.5 billion, and as I write this drumf is standing at 6,483,702,623rd on the world ignorance scale. There are any number (just take your pick between 874 and 347,089) of people who will argue that he is super smart, the world’s greatest manipulator and the like but like the man himself says this is just ‘fake news’.

There are a number of valid reasons that people support and vote for the bright orange man in the bright red hat; not least that many folk, especially white folk, justifiably feel they have not had proper representation so they vote for someone who represents their idea of a successful person (stop it Duncan, displaying your narrow liberal bias again).

We have similar folk in our own benighted land: farage, the vainly costly boris bunter, and the overtly odious gove. They open their gobs, write some bollocks or other and it’s fed upon by the voracious media.

And people dance merrily down ugly socially mediated paths and feed on their own ignorance.

Where are we now?

In only the last few minutes of writing this bollocks drumf has slipped 2,587 places in the ignorance scale, how can we just ignore him?

I have recently been the 42,567,389th person added to his blacklist.

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Toppling racism.

Well, well, well, “three men in a hole” as Kate says, the hot topic of whether statues should be toppled has reached these shores after Charlottesville. Although it has actually been going on a while with Rhodes statue in Oxford and Colston’s stuff in Bristol examples. And an article today suggests the taking down of Nelson from his column,

Cue outrage and you can’t rewrite history, as one commentator has it: “The UK has statues of the likes of Nelson and Cromwell because, in UK culture, the purpose of statues is purely narrative. Such a narrative must never in any way be altered to make it more palatable for metropolitan, middle class consumption.” This person sums up the situation pretty well; the statues are ‘purely’ narrative, giving the story of the victorious men. Their second sentence gives away their inability to understand, or more likely unwillingness, that the narrative is pretty narrow. Apparently, for example, Nelson was undoubtedly a white supremacist and used his power and influence to maintain the tyranny and brutality of slavery.

Ah, but he was a man of his time and if we’d been living then we’d have all been at it; well, all of us men, at least all of us white men, or at least all of us white men with power and money. See how the narrative has the purity of just being about a very small section of society: male, white, rich and powerful.

What to do, just pull down the statues and get a few Charlottesville style confrontations and drumfian moral equivalences with farage and co? No, let’s be a little more subtle and get some sculptors to create sculptures to go alongside the ‘purely narrative statues’ giving the wider narrative and help give us all a fuller history. I for one was unaware of Nelson’s mindset until reading the article today. So we keep ‘our heritage’ but give some context to the ‘pure narrative’.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Blood, soil and mavericks.

Walking with Kate last Sunday on a rare warm and sunny day of late and we’re walking around Lulworth Cove, we see many butterflies including the nationally rare but now locally common Lulworth skipper:


Across the valley we see some houses, one of which I briefly went to for some lessons in water colour painting. Kate asks why I don’t take it up again as she thinks I’m good at painting. I say that the urge, the will or whatever is not within me, even when I get positive feedback such as from Kate. And now, listening to Sam Harris talking with David Brooks about becoming a better person:   I think back to my discussion with Kate. What is it that motivates us to do stuff?

I worked as a teacher for many years, motivated by the monthly pay and the need to support family and also in the belief that I was doing some good. And yet I often railed against ‘the system’ (actually there are many systems in education, many poorly understood and certainly poorly practiced especially by those higher up the systems). I’d get wound up by governmental diktat, senior managerial diktat, and the declining size of kitkats. I found myself doing so much that was not improving either my teaching or wasn’t actually for the benefit of the students. So why didn’t I try and move up the managerial system and maybe try and change things from a position of relative power?

I made a couple of half-hearted attempts at promotion but it must have been obvious to others I wasn’t playing the game and they knew I’d be a gritty twat in their unctuous milieu. Although I have to write that I did once make a serious attempt and even bought a new suit and tie, didn’t suit me.

What I did do was hold on to my principles as much as possible and apply them within the little domain that was my classroom. Apparently the then head told someone who was coming into my classroom as an assistant that I was a ‘maverick but I got results’.  Being the perceptive managers they were they never bothered to think about, let alone analyse, why I ‘got results’.

So, as drumf and brexit spread their toxins I briefly think about a term the racist twats use: blood and soil. It comes from the nazis “blut and boden” and refers to ethnicity based on bloodlines and territory. So those who espouse this distorted bollocks should really apply it and fuck off back to the primeval swamp from whence we came. Might also explain their warped mindsets as their blood has been poisoned by stuff in the soil.

And now, what’s that coming over the hill bearing his soiled old etonian blood, it’s a rees-mogg, and a prime example of how a quota system vis a vis rebalancing our society with 7% of ‘top jobs’ going to the privately educated would have prevented such a bigoted twerp come within baying distance of the premiership. A maverick masquerader indeed who no supporter of the nanny state owes much to his own childhood nanny.

Oh what a good job the tts have done eh? They and their media mates have poisoned our soil even more and already have blood on their grubby little hands.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



Spiralising bollocks and an anniversary.

The other night I cooked one of my ‘standards’, prawn risotto; full of carbs, fat from butter and parmigiano, salt in the fish stock and as ever it was quite delicious. I also fried up some courgettes with onion, garlic and celery which Kate likes. It was all very tasty, even sprinkled some nori on it to try and boost the flagging thyroid. But apparently this is all a long way from the ‘clean’ eating fad/cult. And I hadn’t spiralised the courgettes, instead used my trusty cook’s knife, and, as we all now know if it ain’t spiralised it ain’t clean. And their use of clean which has the obvious corollary that all other eating is dirty. Dirty eaters of the world unite.

So this ‘clean’ eating lark is yet another scam marketed upon susceptible folk using some pseudo science and the almost religious belief system engendered by the cultish food faddists. And as with most cults after the initial euphoria some reality begins to intrude and the followers look to another messiah. What naughty boys and girls these messiahs are. In the meantime some physical, physiological and mental harm may be perpetrated.

In our dysfunctional spiralised world I think the way we deal with abuse is in itself abusive. I’m thinking of pretty much all types of abuse and I suppose it’s often down to the law of unintended consequences alongside partial and biased reportage, our limited cognitive abilities and viewing things through the distorting prism of our various belief systems. I like to think of myself as a reasonably well informed individual of average (whatever that is) intelligence and I’ve been quite unaware of what might be dubbed an epidemic of organised abuse of vulnerable white girls by predominantly gangs of Pakistani men.

Whilst there was a fair amount of reporting of what happened (and hopefully it still isn’t happening) in Rotherham there wasn’t an outpouring of stuff, analysis and the like in the media. It seems that, whilst front line professionals raised various alarms their concerns were not given the credence they should have been and managers managed to keep a lid on things under the pretext of anti-racism stuff.

Of course there is and should be anti-racism law but in this case it appears to have superseded child abuse and other law breaking activity. Whilst one can sort of understand the reasoning behind it, it is blinkered thinking and management and there should be a reckoning and a re-configuring.

And it continues as I listened to the toady show the other morning and the interview with a female Labour MP, Ms Champion and a male police officer about the conviction of the Newcastle gang. And it revealed all sorts: the police officer said they were dealing with a wide range of people of different ethnicities perpetrating such abuse and he listed them adding Pakistani at the end. He did not say once that there are Pakistani male gangs. Ms Champion did and said that she would get abuse from all sides for saying so. In the Newcastle case 18 people have been found guilty; 17 Pakistani men and one white woman. As Ms Champion says there needs to be full and open analysis with people simply focusing on stopping and preventing wrongdoing.

It’s our 11th wedding anniversary today, 11 years ago we were in the woods at Wilkswood having our magical wedding. Steel is the thing for an 11th anniversary, and we independently got each other a steel bookmark! Mine was an industrial slice of steel, Kate’s a much smaller and daintier affair.

And beware the bollock snatching seagulls.

K&D Wedding1 211

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Let’s have quotas to redress mediocrity.

So I’m lying abed drinking my coffee and, as ever, my feverish brain is thinking all sorts of thoughts. Get out of bed and do some work you lazy bastard, then you wouldn’t have time to think and I could be just another drone servicing the kleptos, oh, I already do that so may as well stay in bed and write some more bollocks.

And maybe coffee, the proper stuff not the neutered muck, has been a significant driver in cultural, sociological and economic change. In the olden days folk would wake and have some ale or wine then tea and coffee were discovered by western white folk and over time replaced the alcoholic morning pick me up. So a mass change in druggy behaviour happened and this shift in human pharmacology helped shape our modern world. Perhaps it contributed to our current exponential increase in human population which is the single biggest danger to our future well being and the least discussed.

And thinking of numbers came across a very interesting article, well interesting to me because it fed my confirmation bias, by one Ellie Mae O’Hagan:

She begins by outlining the parlous state of our current establishment i.e. those in positions of power and influence; and we have increasingly ample evidence of this as the increasingly dysfunctional tory twats create an ever larger dog’s breakfast of brexit as well as the rapid overall decline in civic life. A theory to explain this is with what sociologists call ‘elite self-reproduction’ : the practice of privileged individuals ensuring that privilege is passed on to their children using social infrastructure.

And much of this is brought about through the rich sending their progeny to private school, and any regular reader of this sad little blog knows what I think of private education. Anyway, Ms O’Hagan suggests a quota system for all of our institutions, 7% of children go to private school so they get 7% of the ‘elite’ jobs. Much like what I have previously written about university places, particularly our ‘elite’ universities. Now this is all only fair and as Ms O’Hagan argues and I have long argued this will have great benefits for all of us and we’d have, for example, a much more intelligent and socially aware cornflake in charge of our foreign office. boris de pfeffel russian mole twatface johnson is the archetypal example of this process.

Or of course we could simply get rid of private schools.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.