Let’s have quotas to redress mediocrity.

So I’m lying abed drinking my coffee and, as ever, my feverish brain is thinking all sorts of thoughts. Get out of bed and do some work you lazy bastard, then you wouldn’t have time to think and I could be just another drone servicing the kleptos, oh, I already do that so may as well stay in bed and write some more bollocks.

And maybe coffee, the proper stuff not the neutered muck, has been a significant driver in cultural, sociological and economic change. In the olden days folk would wake and have some ale or wine then tea and coffee were discovered by western white folk and over time replaced the alcoholic morning pick me up. So a mass change in druggy behaviour happened and this shift in human pharmacology helped shape our modern world. Perhaps it contributed to our current exponential increase in human population which is the single biggest danger to our future well being and the least discussed.

And thinking of numbers came across a very interesting article, well interesting to me because it fed my confirmation bias, by one Ellie Mae O’Hagan: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/07/restrict-privately-educated-britains-elite-quota

She begins by outlining the parlous state of our current establishment i.e. those in positions of power and influence; and we have increasingly ample evidence of this as the increasingly dysfunctional tory twats create an ever larger dog’s breakfast of brexit as well as the rapid overall decline in civic life. A theory to explain this is with what sociologists call ‘elite self-reproduction’ : the practice of privileged individuals ensuring that privilege is passed on to their children using social infrastructure.

And much of this is brought about through the rich sending their progeny to private school, and any regular reader of this sad little blog knows what I think of private education. Anyway, Ms O’Hagan suggests a quota system for all of our institutions, 7% of children go to private school so they get 7% of the ‘elite’ jobs. Much like what I have previously written about university places, particularly our ‘elite’ universities. Now this is all only fair and as Ms O’Hagan argues and I have long argued this will have great benefits for all of us and we’d have, for example, a much more intelligent and socially aware cornflake in charge of our foreign office. boris de pfeffel russian mole twatface johnson is the archetypal example of this process.

Or of course we could simply get rid of private schools.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


4 thoughts on “Let’s have quotas to redress mediocrity.

  1. Dog’s breakfast indeed. Yum yum. Now, if the Remainers had presented as their main argument that there was no-one in the government, including the grey men of whitehall, competent enough to handle Brexit and therefore we best not do it, everyone would have believed them, because it is so obviously true, and they would have won. On private schools, I rather think we should keep them. We just need to ensure all employers understand the results these institutions produce so that the only jobs they can expect to get are as … actually I can’t think of any job I would employ any of these damaged people for. Maybe as rehab workers for other ex members of their sect?


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