Where are we now?

We live in increasingly strange times, where ‘the most powerful man’ in the world is one of the most ignorant people in the world. The current world population is about 7.5 billion, and as I write this drumf is standing at 6,483,702,623rd on the world ignorance scale. There are any number (just take your pick between 874 and 347,089) of people who will argue that he is super smart, the world’s greatest manipulator and the like but like the man himself says this is just ‘fake news’.

There are a number of valid reasons that people support and vote for the bright orange man in the bright red hat; not least that many folk, especially white folk, justifiably feel they have not had proper representation so they vote for someone who represents their idea of a successful person (stop it Duncan, displaying your narrow liberal bias again).

We have similar folk in our own benighted land: farage, the vainly costly boris bunter, and the overtly odious gove. They open their gobs, write some bollocks or other and it’s fed upon by the voracious media.

And people dance merrily down ugly socially mediated paths and feed on their own ignorance.

Where are we now?

In only the last few minutes of writing this bollocks drumf has slipped 2,587 places in the ignorance scale, how can we just ignore him?

I have recently been the 42,567,389th person added to his blacklist.

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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