Kleptonic octopodes.

Missed another trick yesterday when the thought of putting money on del Potro to beat the arrogant, sore loser swiss wasn’t followed by action. Still, some schadenfreude from federer’s beating. Must say he is a little trumpian in his behaviour.

And then there’s the latest tt poster boy, rees moggie. What an absolute charlatan with his obscene views (such as no abortion in any circumstances). He too is a little trumpian in his affected ways; despite his affectations scratch the surface and he really is a moggie: “cat, typically one that does not have a pedigree or is otherwise unremarkable.” from the Oxford Living Dictionary. I suspect his rising star will fall much quicker than de pfeffel twatface, at least I hope so.

And then there’s our absolutely wonderful aristocracy, from whom drumf  takes many cues. The long read in today’s Grauniad is from Chris Bryant’s new book “A Critical History of the Aristocracy”, here’s a flavour: “They grasped wealth, corruptly carved out their niche at the pinnacle of society and held on to it with a vice-like grip. They endlessly reinforced their own status and enforced deference on others through ostentatiously exorbitant expenditure on palaces, clothing and jewellery. They laid down a strict set of rules for the rest of society, but lived by a different standard.” Could equally apply to drumf and any other modern klepto.

The primary mode of theft of the aristocratic kleptos is through land and property, land they originally stole: “They stole land under the pretence of piety in the early middle ages, they seized it by conquest, they expropriated it from the monasteries and they enclosed it for their private use under the pretence of efficiency.” They ‘own’ a third of the land, it’s a half in Scotland, and extort vast amounts of loot from a tenanted populace. And guess what? Tax on land is much less than on residential property, and, of course, unearned income is taxed less than earned income and so it goes on with these parasites, a brilliant cartoon by W B Northrop in 1925 sums it up:


They’re still at it, sucking up vast wealth whilst giving NOTHING in return, just like drumf.

I won’t even bother naming the school most of these kleptonic aristos send their larvae to. And rees moggie calls his sixth child sixtus; twatus.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS is it wrong to have a little schadenfreude at the prospect of mar a lago being flooded?



One thought on “Kleptonic octopodes.

  1. I actually quite like Moggie on the grounds of his eccentricity and convictions – of which I suspect he has many. But I have to agree (although his religious beliefs would rail against it) that he has truly fucked himself up his own arse. On the question of land ownership, I think we need to do a Mugabe style re-possession for the people and then charge the cunts rent for the common good. Then we could dispense with the thieving tax system and have plenty to pay for all the legitimate public services. No public service that starts with the initials ‘HM’ is legitimately public.


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