Whilst driving back from taking a woman on a hospital visit saw a large banner advertising a ‘dementia virtual tour’, sadly I immediately added the tagline “once experienced soon forgotten”.

Wish we could forget all the brexit bollocks about which there seems to be little sensible discussion especially from the brexit zealots who, in the mould of other religious zealots, howl down anyone who isn’t a true believer and dare question their fundamentalism. Deny them the oxygen of publicity, especially bunter, except with deserved ridicule and satire. And yet an incredibly simplistic binary vote has been ‘won’ with 37% of the vote giving these zealots licence to inflict themselves on the rest of us and implement their neoliberal feudalism. There may be some benefits of brexit but the not with these absolute fuckers we have ‘driving it’, they are not only inept and corrupt but primarily playing petty politics which we’ve had since 2010. One could very reasonably ask who are the country’s real traitors?

And who or what does boris de pfeffel twatface bunter have allegiance to as he has a pop at young folk having the EU colours painted on their faces and suggesting they have ‘split allegiance’, this isn’t allowed in his dinosauric brain? Of course the twattish twerp has only ever had allegiance to his arrogant self.

And wish I had not recently watched a documentary series I’d recorded about 1066. 3 hours during which I learnt about 7 minutes worth of new and pertinent stuff. What is it with current documentaries that they repeat stuff a ridiculous number of times, maybe it’s dementia friendly.

A moving conversation with Hector recently when he spoke of his friend’s horrific accident. As I wrote in my earliest blogs people react so differently to those who are suffering misfortune. Some just make contact and simply state their sadness and support. Others will go on about being positive, modern medical marvels and stuff they think will help. Others make no contact. I think the last two groups think more about themselves and have little or no empathy, they don’t properly connect with the unfortunate ones.

Which reminds me I have a difficut email to write.


I never found him funny.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan





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