Just noticed that this is still a draft and hadn’t been published so it’s a week late.

On this day 3 years ago Kate and I were in Poole hospital being given my crabby diagnosis and my life changed. But we’re still having fun and last night we went to a celebration of a friend, Herr Wunderkammer, and his photos of the images left by canine piss. His photos are in a beautiful new book of dog photos and his collection are described as wunderkammer; German word meaning ‘cabinet of curiosities’ as in things not yet properly categorised, such as photos of dog piss images.

And our ‘leaders’ continue to piss all over us. The tts continue their brexit shit and the prick johnson continues his childish manouevres. But, manouevres implies elements of skill and planning which the johnson doesn’t have. It’s more like base self-centred cunning, much like the other pisser drumf. And one looks forward to all the NFL footballers #taketheknee during the national anthem and really pissing off drumf and all the racist white supremacists. Actually I was doing something similar many years ago as at the start of sporting internationals I would remain seated when the national anthem was played. I developed a strong republicanism from an early age based on an understanding of the royal family’s role in our class system.

And I find the contrast between our sports folk and the American ones noticable. Our sporties very rarely get involved in things political, remaining deferential and maintaining the ‘status quo’. But over the pond they seem more able to assert their right from the first amendment. Here we are too deferential and don’t want to upset our ‘betters’ in the class system. Thing is when our ‘betters’ are the likes of johnson and co the sooner we reject and eject them the better. Up the workers!


Wunderkammer 2

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.







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