Keep on chooglin’

So Kate and I are living in our little bubble and been enthralled by the second series of Dr Foster and were looking forward to the finale (no need for a spoiler alert). Earlier in the day I’d had a crabby lunch with my crabby bunch during which someone asked if the rest of us had been watching Dr Foster and what a horrible woman Dr Foster was. I, as is my occasional want, immediately reacted and said what a great character she was and how the actress is excellent. I told Kate of this exchange and we both disagreed with his judgment. Little did we know.

We watched the gripping finale and were both moved with the denouement. Later, as is the modern way, I went online to check what others thought and I soon realised that we seemed to be very much in a minority bubble as others thought the series preposterous, unbelievable and other picky shit. I refused to be swayed by popular opinion and still think it was a gripping piece of drama and this is where I’ll plant my flag of opinion. It was drama: “a story involving conflict or contrast of character” and as such it worked beautifully. Part of me wonders whether much of the opprobrium is sexist. My crabby friend hinted at this; a strong woman who fights back and ends up controlling the immediate relationship with a man who had abused her.

And another thing, the latest Scandi offering Black Lake or Svartsjön, more Scandi horror than noir, and with the first “don’t go in there on your own in the dark” moment a lovely intense tingling spread through my legs from my knees. First time I’d felt this in my body, maybe another chemo side effect. Anyway, felt good and I kept looking forward to more frightening episodes.

And maybe I’ll be joining a research programme at Southampton University where they’re trialling a vaccine as part of an immunotherapy approach to treating cancer.

So hard watching and listening to the tts this week, culminating in may’s misfortune. Is it just me or are they trying a Labour lite approach? And as for prick the lion’s unleashment, meefuckingow.

See my new team, Forest Green Rangers, are having a dodgy start to the season.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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