Giving the finger.

After some deep thought I’ve decided to not join the vaccine trial. It was an interesting process for me as I had to consider many factors, not least Kate’s deep concerns and worries for me. But I think what swung it was an observation made by a wonderful man who’s been sticking little needles in me for a while, Alan the acupuncturist. He stopped mid-treatment on Wednesday to tell me that according to Chinese medicine/philosophy I have fire as my predominant feature and so tend to quickly get involved with stuff that grabs my interest but will often briefly flare then fizzle out. It took little reflection to recognise this about myself. I have thoughts and ideas of stuff to do every day and at least 1% get anywhere.

I further reflected that I am currently involved with a number of things and have a number more bubbling away and that I’m not doing any of them particularly well, so some rationalisation might be in order and embarking on what would be a very involving and intensive medical trial might not be the best thing for me right now and I now feel very guilty about not doing my bit for the greater good of humanity.

Anyway, have had a quick look at the Wu Xing to check this fire thing out and one table, the mapping of zang-fu networks by Chinese doctors, intrigued me. Some of the elements certainly apply to me, especially the finger, which for me is the middle one.

Which I will give to:

The fat orange child when he visits our shores.

To david davies for not releasing the 50 reports about the effects of brexit.

To all of us who have continued to indulge the likes of weinstein.

To the tts for their continuing absolute ineptitude.

To ‘neoliberal capitalism’ as it thrashes around destroying more in it’s death throes.

To an announcement I heard recently on a train exhorting passengers to report dodgy looking folk, I immediately drew the guard’s attention to a number of dodgy folk reading the daily mail.

Anyway, as ever I digress, and must divest myself of some frivolous ideas and focus on doing fewer things a little better.

Infographic Finger.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





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