Don’t keep on keeping on.

So I was at a crafty fair on Saturday unctiously selling when a man stood at my stall said “I’d kill all lefties”. Somewhat taken aback all I could say was “if you killed all lefties you then might find yourself a bit of a lefty and then be next in line to be shot”. “Not me” he said “I’m really right wing”. He went on to say how much he liked the orange manboy.

I now wonder whether this was typical for him when encountering people or whether there was something about me or my stall that triggered (geddit) his little outburst. Perhaps he felt a man like me selling the stuff I’m selling makes me a ‘lefty’. Or that the statement on my banner ‘made with love in Dorset’ is clear evidence of leftyism. Or maybe my t-shirt stating that all right wingers are psychopathic twats.

And thinking of shooting just read this quote from Jonathan Meades: “The aim of the 52 per cent that shot itself in the foot was so poor that it also shot the 48 per cent.”

Brexit is dominating our news and discussion and crowding out, as well as drowning out, the far more prescient need to discuss and sort out the increasingly obvious dangers of overpopulation and our effects on the planet as we experience the anthropocene era. I was reading about the forest fires in California and how most of those killed were elderly. This caused me to think that this was an earthly culling, that perhaps dear old mother Earth has any number of feedback loops that allow it to keep a check on any of it’s children that get out of hand.

One thing that really struck me in my A level biology studies was how any population of either plant or animal that became ‘succesful’ experienced exponential population growth until a negative feedback loop inflicted a rapid depopulation. This could be using up resources, lack of suitable habitat, a monoculture more easily wiped out such as with a deadly virus, or a sudden unavailability of an essential such as butter.

As well as fires one can easily imagine other things in our current world that could cause rapid depopulation (voting anomalies such as drumf and brexit come to my mind). As I’ve thought many times our moniker of homo sapiens (sapiens meaning ‘wise’) isn’t apposite. Oh happy days.

But one of the joys of writing is that through the iterative process and expression of darker thoughts can bring about a paradoxical elevation of mood, and so I now feel a little happier and more energised.

I was due my regular crabby check up early tomorrow but was informed last week that it’s been put back a few weeks and to a later time in the morning. The paranoid part of me thinks that this has happened because of my declining to take part in the vaccine trial. The less paranoid part of my brain thinks it evidence of a tory induced undermining of our health service.


Don’t keep on keeping on, just pause and resist, love Duncan.


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