Nominative determinism.

Whilst sat on the toilet in the middle of last night I began to peruse Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable which I’d recently put in the bathroom to replace some books I’d read about a dozen times each. I happened across the word trump and immediately realised that it represented a beautiful case of nominative determinism. The poor man has had no choice in his destiny.

Every adjective, noun and verb in the piece can be ascribed to drumf:

  • it begins with ‘trumped-up’ meaning falsely concocted. This applies to the manboy in terms of his physical appearance with his weird hair and orange skin. And possibly more so to his utterances, both verbal and twittering. He is an habitual liar and falsely concocts verbiage that essentially is about concocting an extremely false image of himself.
  • next is ‘trumpery’ meaning showy finery, worthless stuff. The buildings he has built and in which he resides are temples of tastelessness, gilded with stuff that only enhances his tacky gaudiness.
  •  it is a shortening of trumpet, from the French trompe. This originally meant ‘to play on a trumpet’ but came to mean ”beguile, deceive and impose on’. This certainly describes the orange utan; he has deceived and imposed himself and America and the world are suffering from his trumpeting.

Fuck me, can’t believe I just used bullet points, like I’m some sort of manager writing another meaningless memo.

Brewer’s Dictionary is a lovely book.

Apparently 14% of gay Americans voted for trump which might seem surprising given trump, and particularly pence’s, views on LGBT. But there’s always been a close connect for some homosexuals and right wing politics, stands to reason as they are a group of people and one would expect a diversity of political opinion. Trouble is, as with other ‘minority’ groups, they are an ‘easy’ target for those of a more fascistic bent. And in comes our old friend cognitive dissonance. But this isn’t the whole story, as is the case with all cults they develop their own mythology and find it increasingly difficult to countenance those who might have different beliefs. Even, ironically, with those of a liberal bent; and we reach the current state where liberal folk are illiberal in their treatment of those that think differently. And the tribes go to war.

In Englandshire in the mid 19th century Liberals morphed from the Whigs who had in turn morphed from Scottish cattle rustlers and horse thieves (why can’t you rustle horses?). It so easily all gets quite confusing, which may well explain why drumf is like he is.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





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