Hooray Henley and happy birthday Mark.

Last week I felt the roughest since treatment finished, wasn’t an illness as such but felt very tired and unenergetic. Possibly a dose of SAD, maybe a reaction to my regular check-up being postponed, perhaps hypothyroidism kicking in or perchance a feature of advancing years (happy birthday today to my old chum Mark who today joins the sexygenarian gang). What last week’s low did do was cause me to reflect a little on my condition.

BC (before cancer) I was always pretty susceptible to coughs, colds, sore throats and flu-like illnesses. Since my crabby treatment I’ve not had any of these (apart from my radiotherapy ravaged neck and throat) which is interesting. One of the many effects of chemotherapy is that it compromises the immune system, basically because it kills most of the body’s immune cells. So, logically, one might expect me to get even more coughs and colds.

One factor was that I worked in schools BC and they are lovely places for the breeding and spreading of viral infections so AC (after cancer) I didn’t have that exposure. Even so the family still introduced their infections to the home, I’ve been out and about a great deal and have frequent visits to hospitals and they’re full of infectious types. Still no infections for me (yet).

What I do get are mini colds that last literally a few minutes! Weird eh? A brief runny nose, bit of cough or a sneeze, think I might be ‘coming down with something’ and then nothing. Also I’m now very temperature sensitive, for example when driving a small lowering of the heating and I sneeze immediately.

One thing I’ve considered is that the chemo has given me a reboot; it so fucks the body’s systems that any recovery involves the body resetting itself as it recovers from the assault. Perhaps my body’s rebooting has made it more effective at resisting the common viral attacks.

Just had a bit of a coughing episode, psychoimmunolgy at work?

I’ve also been thinking more about immunology after considering joining the vaccine trial. Also got a little paranoid with the postponement of my check-up last week soon after declining to join the trial, they are punishing me for not joining.

On the way to Henley last Saturday to sell the unction I listened to Today’s 60th anniversary broadcast, gove made his appalling weinstein comment and when listening to John Simpson I started counting how many times he used the word “I”, I soon lost count. I also wrote on my unctuous facebook: ‘going to Henley today, hooray’ and later ‘hooray Henley’. Only the sexygenarians and older folk got my little joke.

One bloke came to the unctuous stall and asked if it would help his gout. I said it wouldn’t cure his gout but that it would soften the skin on his feet, make them smell better and make him more sexually attractive to his wife which would take his mind off his gout. He laughed but didn’t buy any.

Last week an estate agent I’d recently met knocked on our door to buy some more unction, his wife, a school cook (why aren’t they called school chefs?), thinks it brilliant for treating those burns cooks/chefs often get. He also said he’d a little money and would like to invest in the unctuous business. Took me aback, I’m still a crap business person and don’t fully understand the implications of investment but it gave my fragile ego a boost. Anyway, a busy selling time looming and we need the money.

hooray entitled

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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