Yes it’s the same old story……

Forgive me as I stifle another yawn, not just because I’m quite tired from a busy weekend selling the unction, but more immediately from reading about the ‘Paradise Papers’. Shock horror, the kleptos have been revealed yet again to have been offshoring their often ill gotten loot to compound their felonies by avoiding tax. Forgive me also for my financial naivety as despite all the weaselly words from the kleptos, the multinationals, the corporations, the accountants, the lawyers, the politicians sending money offshore is just simply to avoid paying tax, isn’t it?

And their loot is often ill gotten; just consider where all the quantitative easing money went, how much the fucking kleptos get in government ‘grants’, ‘subsidies’ and other handouts, how much they ‘earn’ from spurious marketing and advertising ad infinbleedinitum.

We exist in a country where our head of state encapsulates this greedy state of affairs. Queen Betty and all her familial parasites live off very generous state benefits, get egregious amounts of rentier loot from vast tracts of stolen land (apparently queenie is the biggest freeholder in the world) and still this royal loot is offshored.

And I yawn because we’ve been here so often before, we’ll have a bit of outrage, the tts will lie about how much (read little) they’ve done about about tax evasion and soon we’ll be fed some other news shit and nothing will change, except if we vote for Mr Jeremy of course.

And another white man with his easily obtained deadly arsenal of weapons massacres many in Texas. And already the warped white man politics is denying that guns played any part but the answer would be to arm all church parishioners (including children) and pastors and priests so they could shoot these deranged fuckers before they shoot them.

I think pretty much all these massacres could be avoided if there is very limited and very targeted gun control. Do not let any man (usually a white man) who physically, or otherwise, abuses women or children have any sort of weapon.

Could extend this to this country and not allow any man (or woman) who abuses others to have or to hold on to a position of power. Now that would be really taking back control. Imagine no more of the likes of russian mole de pfeffel twatface johnson polluting our screens and airwaves and instead have him clearing up pollution working as a waste disposal operative. Would love to see how his phoney schtick goes down working in a refuse lorry team.

And finally well done to the Unction sales team who had their best weekend yet. At this rate it won’t be too long before the company will need to offshore!


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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