The tories are incompetent but it serves their masters well.

So it’s the budget next week and I wonder what we might expect from hammond and the tory twats. Now Duncan, how many times have I told you that this abusive style towards those you don’t agree with is counter productive. You’re just pandering to your extremely small base, confirming your bias, blowing into a singular bubble and your words will simply bounce off the thick tory twat hides.

They’ve been giving the country the extreme fiscal medicine known as ‘austerity’ since 2010, first via snake oil salesman osborne now hammond. One tiny problem with this illiterate economic approach is that it was based on a theory created by a couple of economists called rogoff and reinhart called ‘expansionary fiscal contraction’. Now I’m all for counterintuition, it is a useful counter for the dangerous ‘common sense’ (more often better described as mass stupidity) and something like ‘expansionary fiscal contraction’ could be counterintuitive. Apart from one minor detail later admitted by the economic duo; there was an error in their calculations and perhaps the theory was not quite what they claimed.

Still, why waste a brilliant opportunity to deliver a good solid dose of class war and dress all this austerity bollocks up as the saviour of the British economy. All it’s done is donate ever greater wealth to the already wealthy and deprive the rest of the nation of that wealth so that most people have experienced the longest decline in living standards since the Napoleonic wars. A massive contraction of the state; that’s schools, health service, social care, welfare, police, armed forces, and more. That includes a drastic reduction in those working in HMRC (I know it makes you happy AYM!) since 2010, so that tax evasion by the kleptos is even easier, compounded by tax laws being written by and for the tax cheats.

Anyway, I digress. In simple monetary terms the few rich have got richer as the majority have got poorer and suffer ever worsening state services. The tts don’t even care about the fact that the premise on which austerity is based is deeply flawed, it’s allowed them to steal back what is our common wealth. They are so arrogantly entitled in their conceits that they even blame the 2008 crash on the state spending of Labour when it was all the creation of greedy banking kleptos and their minions.

And it is class war. In Yankland there is a horribly mirrored financial figure I recently learned. Surprisingly the people that suffered most in terms of losing wealth were non-white people, primarily property wealth, post 2008. The figure calculated as to how much they lost (more accurately described as stolen) almost exactly mirrors the amount of loot paid out in banker and other klepto ‘bonuses’ over the years after 2008.

So, when we listen to hammond next week, all we will hear is how this class war will continue. We’ll hear how the tts have created a strong economy with increasingly low unemployment blah bleedin’ blah. We don’t even have pitchforks anymore, farming is now very mechanised, but we need more metaphorical pitchforks to puncture the pomposity, lies and deceits of the tts.

100 economists austerity dogma fairy

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


8 thoughts on “The tories are incompetent but it serves their masters well.

  1. There’s a reason, oh yes, why HMRC don’t pursue the thieving cunts but DO persecute the weak and vulnerable, stripping disabled and disadvantaged folk of their meager ‘state’ handouts, fining them to boot and prosecuting those with learning difficulties who can’t fill out the forms to claim their benefits properly. The reason is because they are agents of the Crown – the clue is in the name. Let’s not be fooled by the fact that some of their ill gotten gains are slyly spent on wholesome stuff such as schoolteachers, doctors and nurses. This is an old trick much beloved of mafia types, sometimes referred to as a ‘protection racket’. What we need is for the 99% who represent the true community to take control of community funds and assets and not to simply lie down and accept being raped by these vile verminous running dogs who bully and crush the weak at the whim of their evil masters. Merry Christmas indeed!


  2. I am working on it, believe me! We get the judgement on our JR application against HMRC next Thursday – fingers crossed, eh? When I mentioned the independence of the judiciary to our lawyers today they said ‘we are not Zimbabwe … but not actually that much different’. Ho hum.


  3. Good luck, needed to look up JR, why are you applying for a Ewing? And the more I learn the more I understand how corrupt this country really is underneath a thin veneer of bollocks.


  4. Indeed, but there is still a glimmer of hope even before we go full on with the pitchforks. It was a Judicial Review application in the High Court held on 8/9 November – all very dramatic and theatrical and incredibly entertaining. It seems that only 2% of such applications against HMRC succeed so we are hoping we will be in that rarefied 2%. More news at the end of next week!


  5. The JR process is supposed to check the criminal abuse of power by the corrupt agencies of the State, such as the police. For example, the sort of behaviour by the police in the well publicised case of the Birmingham Six (as well as probably many or most other cases over the years) can now be challenged. Unfortunately it is very expensive. But now we have Crowd funding, there is nothing we cannot do if we the people (the 99%) so desire. No wonder our ‘masters’ are trying to get social media shut down using the ‘terrorism’ handle. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are actively behind these acts of ‘terrorism’; they suit their evil purposes so well.


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