Unctuousness everywhere.

Good weekend selling the unction and one of the heartening things for me was the number of people who said they like the name. Some marketing experts had initial doubts about the name but despite their advice I continued with the name and feel somewhat vindicated. Although, of course, those punters who think it a stupid name are hardly likely to tell me so and I continue to live in my self-confirming bubble.

And how much longer might a blog like this be allowed as dark forces loom for the internet?

So our plucky quiz team performed admirably at the Labour Party quiz at the weekend and would have done better if some twat hadn’t overruled Kate’s answer to a question. During the evening I spoke with Tim about the cricket in Brisbane and he was wondering why Brisbane wasn’t a popular place to visit. I disagreed as did Lonely Planet who voted it Australia’s ‘hippest city’ in 2014. But then there isn’t much competition as there are only 5 cities with a population above a million in Australia. I did though talk about the rather unpleasant nature of politics in Queensland, it’s long history of racism and about it’s long serving leader joh bjelke-peterson. He was a very right wing politician https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joh_Bjelke-Petersen who was eventually ousted as the levels of corruption were revealed. He was pretty racist and certainly homophobic. The homophobia of Queensland politicians lives on:

And a disappointing start to the Ashes for Englandshire but there’s the rugby league world cup final next weekend against the Aussies and the union boys beat them last weekend. And well done Scotland, absolutely stuffing the Aussies on Saturday, a little wager at 14 to 1 for the 6 Nations might be in order.

Thinking of which, betting lesson number 2:

England are typically at 20 to 1 for next year’s soccer world cup, so a bet of £100 will give you a return of £0.

And writing of bullying Faiza Shaheen was bullied by 3 men on Newsnight in a recent budget discussion, especially by the unctuous frazer nelson, the torygraph stooge:

And the tt delusion continues, especially like their bullshit narrative that inequality is reducing hahahahahahahahahah. Bollocks.

Anyway, despite the rain must away to the beach hut to set up shop.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Unctuousness everywhere.

  1. Nah. These cunts are always negative. Never have a positive suggestion unless you pay them millions and then they can afford lawyers to defend them against their incompetence. Makes me sooo angry.


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