Been selling the unction from my little pop-up shop in a beach hut on Swanage sea front and it’s bleedin’ freezing. Anyways, what crossed my thoughts today was with regard to social interaction, or more specifically people’s lack of social awareness/skills with regard to social interaction. Twice whilst talking to a fellow artisanal seller other folk just walked up to the other fellow and started talking even though I was in the middle of saying something. Whilst I am acutely aware that I can be a boring bastard I never, or hope I never, just walk up to someone who is obviously in conversation with others and say whatever bollocks I wish to say.

Thinking about it now there is very clearly an educational opportunity here and I’m wondering what would be the best approach to make these ignorant people aware of the social faux pas they are perpetrating. The affronted, bolshie me wants to simply point out to the intrusive one that I was actually in the middle of saying something and possibly make them feel pain at their intrusiveness. This could obviously lead to an awkward moment, possibly confrontation, as it is likely that someone socially unaware is likely to react quickly and negatively to situations they’re not used to. Even so, handled skillfully by an educateur, the socially lacking one might be helped to improve.

One could politely, but firmly, say to the social intruder “sorry, but I’m in the middle of finishing my mildly amusing anecdote and I’ll just finish it whilst you hold that thought”. Or one could move to the intruder, proffer a handshake and introduce oneself in the hope that the other person develops some initial, dim awareness that perhaps they are not the whole centre of their universe. Or one could turn around and fart loudly at them.

Perhaps this might be an approach with drumf, trump at trump.

So, foetuses are now being scanned in their final trimester with a new scanner that fairly accurately measures their intelligence so that nurseries can place them in ability groups even before they start at nursery. This will save so much time for early years teachers as they can start the process of stifling the life chances of the less fortunate earlier and more efficiently whilst boosting the already privileged even more.

This will happen:

drumf is fake news. His woeful apologist, sarah sanders, said he retweeted the anti-Muslim videos to ‘elevate the conversation’, something he’s never done before, using such a phrase with regard to drumf is a great example of a non sequiter.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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