One of the most powerful cognitive tools is reframing; in therapy it’s a way of trying to look at something differently with the aim of altering perception and understanding of that something. I remember when I was training others trying to get across how good this was in helping to cope with and understand challenging behaviours. Even with extreme cases, such as drumf; trying to reframe the orange baboon as being this very sad child trying to please his distant dad might cause a change in his demented behaviour. Imagine everyone simply saying “poor donald, we understand” how soon he’d not be able to take it and then take himself off for treatment (more likely be taken off by others).

Reframing the kleptos, tts and others propaganda making us all fearful; fearful of the ‘other’, fearful of our economic wellbeing and our economic future, fearful of all the hazards and dangers in the world could be very powerful. In modern times too many of us are cowed into thinking and behaving in the ways they want us to and that this is the only and ‘natural’ way of being. It is not the only and natural way, this inhumane imposition of a singular economic model that enslaves the vast majority to enrich a few fuckers. Money is an entirely abstract human construct and with a bit of reframing can, if we’re going to persist with it, be used and shared in fairer and more just ways. We don’t have to keep the current model with these financial snake oil salesmen (they are almost entirely men).

It’s time to use social media in a far more constructive way than it’s currently fast evolving into, corralling us all into our fearful little bubbles. Let’s pop these flimsy bubbles and allow new perceptions to reframe our world. Are you really happy with drumf, the wrexit bollocks, the ever widening gulf of inequality, impending global warming catastrophe, plastic pollution, mass species extinction………………..?

And we don’t need a bleedin’ messiah, just try and reframe things and check out what’s possible.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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