You may say I’m a dreamer……..

A good couple of days as England actually bat well for a day, parliament asserts it’s sovereignty and a deeply unpleasant man is defeated in the Alabama election. Now wouldn’t it be even better if England continue to bat and bowl well, parliament genuinely asserted it’s authority and represented all common folk and sorted out the kleptos and finance fraudsters and the very deeply unpleasant man were impeached?

I still dream.

And a lovely piece by Larry Elliott in t’ Grauniad, someone not afraid to state that it’s class war:

‘Seen in the simplest terms, the story of political economy over the past four decades is a class war between capital and labour, which capital has won hands down. The battlefield is littered with evidence of labour’s defeat: nugatory pay awards, precarious work, the collapse of collective bargaining, and cuts in public spending.

And to the victors have gone the spoils: higher profits and dividends; lower personal tax rates; a higher share of national income. Life for those at the top has carried on much as before, even as the average worker has experienced the worst decade for wage growth since the 19th century. Unsurprisingly, it sticks in the craw for those whose living standards are going down to see the 1% whooping it up. Nobody likes to have their nose rubbed in it.’ from

Good to see the Scots taxing the rich a little more.

And loads of platitudinous bollocks from justine greening and others about ‘closing the attainment gap’ between rich and poor children. Apart from the fact that it’s the parents who are rich and poor, none of the proposed bollocks will change anything until the class system is changed. Listened to and read quite a lot from politicos, commentators, academics and none of them mentioned the c-word. And it’s so tragically ironic coming from a tory. All could be changed overnight with nationalisation of all schools and disinheriting inheritance.

Watching the excruciatingly funny Motherland last night and spotted Jess Fostakew in it, she used to work at Purbeck View School. Saw her do some standup comedy a few years ago and loved the line she gives to her big London mates about the toughness of growing up in Swanage as the school she went to was called ‘Mount SCAR’.

And I love watching Man City play at the moment, Guardiola and his team are such a beautiful antidote to the dark forces on the other side of Manchester.

Well, I’m off to the Dead Lion now to give dear old Hector a good send off.

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Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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