Mass cognitive dissonance.

One of the many misleading mantras associated with this country’s political bollocks is that the tts are ‘sound with money’, ‘economically competent’ and that Labour are not. If you can be bothered to look into the relative economic performance of different governments you will soon learn that the tts are way more economically illiterate. And yet the macro-narrative is the opposite.

But, of course, they are economically literate in a very narrow way and that is to conserve (and increase) the wealth of their class at the expense of the rest of us. Hands up all those who’s income has increased over the past 10 years. It’s certainly not the vast majority of the population the tts are supposed to represent. Here’s a graph:

International comparison of average real wage growth since the crisis 10 year ago:


So, most of us are poorer. And what’s happened to the klepto’s earnings over the same period I wonder?

And yesterday I learnt that an annual season ticket from Peterborough to London now costs £7,864. In Germany an annual travel card covering ALL train journeys across their national network costs £3,797.

Now who was it sold us rail privatisation as such a good thing?

And the tts have just bailed out those wonderful kleptonic railway companies stagecoach and virgin with £2,000,000,000. So how much of that grotesque sum ends up in the grasping maws of souter and bransom?

One could go on with numerous more examples. But much as those who voted for drumf or brexit will hold on to their misguided beliefs we don’t have a proper debate about stuff.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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