Costa is shit.

My fevered chemo addled brain is even more discombobulated than normal right now as I attempt to make sense of competing claims about inequality. Various tories and their supporters have claimed in recent weeks that inequality has decreased and that we are entering a period of nirvana where all is fair and just and there is an equal sharing of this Earth’s common wealth (I might have added the last bit, fevered brain and all). And this is proved by graphs like this:


And then I read stuff claiming a widening of inequality with 42 individuals (that’s 42 people, probably all men) have the same amount of monetary wealth as 3,700,000,000 of the poorest. So, averaging this figure out every one of these 42 megakleptos has as much as 88,095,238 poorer people.

Now, I could go on bandying figures around and have heated discussions with tt apologists but I can’t be bothered.

And my mood is made worse ‘cos I’ve just had my first costa coffee in many years and it was shit.

And david walliams is arguably worse than the appalling neanderthal punters at the presidents do as he was there in a ‘professional capacity’ and so was paid, like the young scantily clad young women, but paid very much more.



Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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