As it is rapidly dawning on me that if I am to make a success of my unctuous business I need to be way more organised than I’ve ever been I decide to tidy my blog as a bit of displacement activity. So I look back at the accumulating drafts and think the following written last November deserves an airing:

And so it is with my presumptive conceit that perhaps I have a post-treatment super immune system not having had any illness for the past 3 years and it is just that, a conceit. I now have an annoying cough, sore throat and occasional nasal floods. Due my regular outpatient check-up today so called them up to see if it’s OK to take my spluttering self: “unless it’s diarrhea and vomiting or proper flu it’s fine” was the reply, “half of us are suffering from it and it can last for weeks” was the reassuring supplement.

And right now thinking about my check-up I get anxious and it triggers a coughing fit. Take some calming breaths. Hope I’m feeling better for our trip to the Algarve this Saturday, at least it will give Kate some much deserved R&R.

It’s now the day after my check-up and I’m OK for another 3 months, until the next check-up. The consultant spoke about the vaccine trial, I explained why I declined, she understood. Said I’d take my chances with the next trial if the cancer returns even though it was my understanding that it would be a blind trial and I may well just get a placebo. She put me straight saying that the next stage of the trial would involve giving the vaccine to all those with the cancer and after trying all other possible treatments.

Anyway unctuous sales have gone up in recent weeks which is pleasing and keeps me ever hopeful that it’s worth pursuing. Have felt for a while that I’m on the cusp of it taking off, is this what happens with a ‘product’? Do business and sales lumber along until a ‘critical mass’ is reached? High time for a board meeting to plan for this as in it’s current state the company would find it hard to cope with any big increases in orders.

Sometimes wonder if I’m a sad old git getting pleasure from the puncturing of conceited pomposity of the likes of boris bunter. But it makes me laugh, such as Martin Rowson just saying that bunter likes to see himself as Churchillian because like Churchill he is a ‘writer’ and ‘journalist’ as well as ‘politician’, so was mussolini!

Had an email from Groupon yesterday and it included a deal to stay at trump turnberry. There is a lovely delight about this with such a high-end business doing something like this. That’s Groupon selling cheap stays at a low rent hotel. turnberry used to have some prestige.

Beware conceit.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS just been reading about peers thinking that the EU withdrawal bill is “fundamentally flawed and risks undermining legal certainty”. I really can’t believe that the bunch ‘leading’ our negotiations could be so incompetent. But as the latest incarnation of capitalism unravels so the tt enablers are increasingly revealed as the real enemies of us, the people. Instead of the country being involved in an informed debate over the past few years the tts have unleashed an increasingly divisive shitstorm.







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