The privatisation of care.

We all care, even sociopaths care even if it’s only about their image and how that might affect their power and economic well being. That’s why such things as the ITV exposure programme last month about abuse in cambian schools and care homes caused a brief flutter and a sharp drop in the cambian share price. But normal service is soon resumed and the share price has gone back up and that’s all they care about. Much as some folk are justifying drumf, all his sociopathic behaviour is excused because the dow is booming.

One slight problem with all this privatised caring sharing bollocks; it is fucking society. The kleptos care, they go to men only ‘charity’ dos to demonstrate how much they care by flashing their wallets and their pricks. cambian and their private equity owners gi partners care about how much money they make out of providing services for vulnerable young people. Money that comes from the public purse straight into their private wallets.

And how do these companies, like cambian, like carillion, like virgin care care? They’re bleedin’ marvels, they take money from the public purse and somehow perform an alchemy in providing ‘better’ services for all us punters and make money for their investors, win-win eh? Well, maybe not.

You may find it hard to believe but many of these companies are ultimately registered in tax havens; with lovely irony, for example, virgin care’s ultimate parent company is virgin group holdings based in the british virgin islands (a tax haven). They operate very complex and convoluted financial structures and, surprisingly, virgin care make no profits in the UK so pay no tax in the UK and yet are getting all their money from the UK, something not quite right. So, dear mr branson with his carefully cultivated bearded image, is doing all this caring for no personal financial gain, what a gent.

And what of all this ‘specialist’ care that cambian provide to very complex and often challenging young folk? I worked as a teacher in a cambian school for 17 years. I did witness the development of an impressive looking therapy team which included psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, and physiotherapists, and despite organisational problems, did good work. What cambian also did was impose structural and working practice changes on the workforce in the school all designed primarily to be ‘financially efficient’, won’t bore you with details but no prizes for guessing where the money did and did not end up.

Now one might expect a ‘specialist’ autism school to keep the educational practitioners up to date with the latest advances in educating young folk with autism, actually there was frighteningly little. There was lots of structural stuff to keep those boxes ticked, we even had a 2 evening ‘twilight’ extravaganza with an inspector to, in his words, let loose our ‘blue sky thinking’ and design, wait for it I can sense your mounting excited anticipation, a new medium term planning form. So loads of bureaucratic bollocks and very little training and support for our actual jobs.

cambian also operate in foster care: cambian foster care, again the ‘business’ of caring for vulnerable young folk. The exploitation of both the cared for and the actual carers (not the exploitative ‘caring’ businesses) is better explained by Aditya Chakrabortty:

UK governments have implemented and not overseen this theft of our common wealth. It really is time to properly take back control.

'I can assure you we are carrying out cheques at this very moment'.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



One thought on “The privatisation of care.

  1. When I worked at a cambian school I was told – with much mirth – that this school was not the place to come to if you wanted an education. I also saw much theoretical therapy that seemed to me to be keeping the bare lid on rising anxiety levels of young people in response to their treatment. Autism isn’t a disability and cambian actively promote an ableist agenda to justify extortionate fees charged to local authority, con parents and routinely discriminate against young people in their “care”. Saddest place I ever worked. Totally agree with your comments – everywhere you look there is suffering being caused by years of this and past government pursuing privatisation for the benefit of the few.


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