Time to disable the disablers and enable the enablers.

wrexit is not the only driving force behind our fracturing country, as I often suggest the class system provides the systemic backdrop over which the tt’s austerity bollocks and the demonisation of the welfare state and benefit fraud allows petty human nastiness to ooze out like pus from a boil. A recent report showed that 300,000 people had reported their fellow earthly inhabitants over the past 2 years for benefit fraud. Of these approximately none led to any prosecution. What does this say?

We often boast about our british values, and a frequently quoted value is our tolerance and acceptance of others. Yet shit like the above suggests otherwise.

And yet there is something more positive astirring; the rising up of women against abusive patriarchal power a good example. Carrie Grace’s powerful testimony against the BBC. Madison Marriage’s reporting on the president’s club. One hope’s that there will be a continuing exposure of abuse and inequality and a general swing against the shit perpetrated by the powerful. But it can only happen if people work and play together.

And Silent Witness did it’s bit in this week’s story. Disabled people were at the forefront and the programme threw in pretty much every form of abuse into the mix producing a brilliantly dramatic expose. It would be great if Liz Carr got proper recognition for her performance. Penny Pepper was really moved by the programme:

“And so barriers remain in place, disabling us, and denying our full participation in the everyday. The current government wallows in an ideology that crushes us with cuts to social care, to services – and to disabled arts organisations. Immediately after Silent Witness, Ellen Clifford, of Disabled People Against Cuts, was on Newsnight, pointing out that “the United Nations made a finding of grave and systemic violations towards disabled people”.”


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Time to disable the disablers and enable the enablers.

  1. As a teacher I was expected to put into my lesson plan a convenient (for senior management) tickbox for British Values: an Ofsted wheeze. Perplexed I asked my colleagues what these were but they didn’t know and looked troubled at being asked. It sounded suspiciously to me like something the EDL would dream up. From talking to students we came up with fish and chips and tried to incorporate some mention of these in all our lessons. But perhaps it should have been grassing, as working for cambian I was being constantly monitored by classroom assistants, other teachers and carers – information being duly fed back to our esteemed head of education. Team working I suppose. Perhaps that should also have been on the list.


  2. Dear Fractalview, an interesting moniker, how dare you actually involve the students in your planning! Love it, and you could have differentiation within the bvtb with what you have with the fish and chips; anyone who has tartar sauce could have questionable british values, mushy peas, salt and vinegar and you’re a true Brit. One story claiming the origin of fish and chips is that it was a Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin. Bleedin’ foreigners coming over here bringing their immigrant ways.
    Soon after I started teaching at the school, which was then pre-cambian, 3 of us teachers were called into the deputy head’s office and she said there were reports that we’d been ‘talking in corners’ together. I laughed, expressed my incredulity at this and left the office. I was only obeying orders.


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